Track Package

What is tracking number?

The tracking number is the unique parcel's id, consisting of numbers & letters. It creates automatically by the courier's company while registering the box for delivery. The post office and courier use tracking number for the automatic mechanic or standard package sorting for delivery to the destination.

Where to find tracking number?

Tracking number is written on the document, which proofs the sending. The paper can be printed or electronic (depends on the carrier). This record is issued by the delivery company or the online store while registering the parcel. Generally, the receiver can find the tracking number out from the sender.

Tracking number formats.

There are represented the most popular tracking number formats by carrier:

  • USPS - mostly - 22 numbers
  • International mail - BB 123456789 BB - 4 letters & 9 numbers. The last two letters are the country code.
  • UPS - starts from 1Z
  • FedEx - contains 12 or 15 numbers.

How to track my package?

To track your package, you need to know the tracking number. Enter tracking number into the search field and click the search button (or press "Enter"). You'll see the most up-to-date package status and the movement details. They show all the whereabouts while moving to the receiver.

How to track international parcel?

  • If global courier (like UPS, FedEx, DHL) delivers your parcel - track it on a relevant page, carriers fixate all worldwide movements.
  • To trace any foreign parcel, delivered by post - check the appropriative pages. For mails, which follow from Russia to Canada - use Russia Post and Canada Post.