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TNT Australia

Being on the market for over 70 years, TNT Australia stays one of the leading local postal companies that provides a large variety of services on the territory of Australia and abroad. The company hires people from more than 60 countries and has established a great transporting network. What else makes this postal provider preferable for Australian users? Let’s check out what it does, and which service you can benefit from.

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My TNT Australia

My TNT Australia is a convenient service for all TNT customers: it provides users with the possibility to manage their deliveries, related documents, and parcels. To get access to the service, a customer needs to register on the official TNT website and submit some basic personal information. After that, they’ll be able to:

  • Track their parcels using TNT number Australia via the website and app;
  • Calculate the price of shipping according to parcel size, weight, destination, and other parameters;
  • Manage labeling (generate and print labels for packages);
  • Manage commercial invoice (a suitable feature for corporate customers);
  • Learn how to pack a parcel appropriately.

The list of available services provided by TNT logistics Australia is a mile long – the company provides all you need for successful parcel management.

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TNT freight Australia

Clients can enjoy multiple delivery options available. The company provides all types of shipping including:

  • Domestic shipping for local deliveries (across the territory of Australia);
  • International shipping all over the world;
  • TNT freight Australia – delivery of bulky packages by trucks and trains on the territory of Australia.
  • Time-critical parcel handling (via airlines);
  • Day-definite delivery (by certain day and time) right to the receiver’s door;
  • Special services (urgent shipping, fragile and temperature-sensitive items), and so on.

Why customers choose TNT delivery Australia?

TNT delivery Australia is a number one choice for Australian and international customers because the company has developed a superb transportation network, and is constantly chasing perfection making its services convenient, fast, and easily accessible.

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So, why do customers choose this carrier?

First, it boasts a user-friendly website where you can organize the shipping process without a hitch. Its intuitive layout and step-by-step TNT parcel Australia arrangement makes TNT a convenient tool even for dummies.

Secondly, when dealing with deliveries, you can always get relevant information using the tracking service. It’s available on the main website and third-party trackers without authorization, or you can authorize and get the ample shipping data in your personal area.

Thirdly, customers praise TNT Australia for affordable price rates. MyTNT users are offered special discounts for services. You can use the personal rate card to get a discount. Thirdly, the shipping is always organized so that to optimize your costs. It goes without mentioning a simple online price calculator – you can always figure out the expenses beforehand.

How to track TNT shipping Australia?

Whenever you use TNT shipping Australia, or order international delivery, you can always track your parcels. This can be done in several ways.

If you need the basic information about parcel location, you can open the official MyTNT website section and find the Track&Trace tool. Simply paste the tracking number and press Enter. You will proceed to the page showing you the basic shipping information: current location, status, due date, possible delays, etc. The same can be done with the help of third-party trackers (authorization is not required). The tracking number is sent to you in a confirmation email and is present on invoices and documents.

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Need more info about the parcel? Then you don’t have to use the TNT consignment number Australia – just open your personal account instead. Visit the TNT website and sign up. In the personal area, you will open the ‘Order’ section and find the needed delivery. There, you will not only see the shipping status, but you also may manage the pick-up place and spot, work with related documents and invoices.

Need help?

Although TNT Australia website is intuitive and has all essential features for delivery management, you can always ask for help from TNT Australia staff whenever you have questions or issues. There are multiple store locations on the territory of Australia, and you can always contact the customer support via email or tickets, as well as by phone.

All in all, TNT Australia offers a comprehensive set of services for customers to enjoy speedy shipping, ample information, and affordable cost of shipping. This is a number one choice for Australian users, and one of the most well-established global carriers.

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