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YRC Freight is the part of the Yellow Transportation Corporation that was established 90 years ago in the USA (Oklahoma). The company focuses on freight shipping for US residents and on both American continents. Top-notch information technologies, advanced transporting network and a wide range of services make it one of the most well-established carriers in North America.

YRC Freight

  • YRC Freight is the biggest subsidiary of YRC Worldwide Inc. that also owns Reddaway, YRC Reimer, Holland, and New Penn subsidiaries.
  • After being founded in 1924, the corporation extended its transporting network considerably thanks to a partnership with Roadway company (established in 1930 in Akron, Ohio). So when you wonder ‘What does YRC stand for’, keep in mind that it means Yellow Roadway Corporation.
  • In 2016, YRC received Unishippers award as “LTL Carrier Partner of the Year”.
  • YRC is one of the Top-100 carriers in North America.
  • The service is available in US (including Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam), Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.
  • There are over 260 YRC terminals on the territory of the USA. The staff includes 20,000+ employees.
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YRC Services & Features

Being a leading transporter in the US, YRC Freight specializes in delivery for corporate users: it ships industrial, retail and commercial goods. The company can boast a large choice of services:

  • Users are free to select YRC transit times. Express, 2-day and 3-day shipping are provided together with regular transportation.
  • YRC Freight Time-CriticalTM service: delivery of parcels by ground and by air.
  • Special tasks, such as product returns, voluminous shipments, delivery of tradeshow objects and cold-sensitive things.
  • YRC Logistics is also available for items that object to Customs clearance. LTL (Less than Truckload) service is available thanks to the company representatives on the major border-crossing sites in North America.
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Benefits of the YRC Carrier

Judging by YRC news, the company retains stable positions in the Top-100 carriers several years in a row and gets awards with unfailing regularity. That’s totally justified: YRC provides perfect conditions for both customers and employees.

Aside from rewards, YRC Freight can boast numerous certificates, for example, it’s certified for PIP, C-TPAT, and FAST programs for supply-chain safety. Besides, it was the first LTL delivery provider to get ISO certification for the whole YRC transport network and shipment management system.

What else makes this company a leader? YRC is a provider that couples satellite and cellular tracking options to receive and send real-time information about the delivery of goods: their parcels are tracked all along the way to the destination point. There are two-way messaging and transport-tracking system make the shipment management system more responsive and provide users with essential information.

YRC Track Options

YRC carrier provides a convenient tool for shipment tracking: a user doesn’t have to log in to use it. The process requires a few simple steps:

  • Open YRC Freight website and proceed to Track section.
  • In the window, you will see the field for the tracking number, and the types of it (PRO, BOL, PO, booking, etc). Depending on the type of delivery, the number format can be different.
  • Paste the tracking number and press Find Shipment.

You will see the detailed information about delivery: dispatch time and date, the progress of shipping, and delivery due date.

Aside from the official website, users can locate their shipment using third-party services like k2track.com.

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Before shipping an order, users can calculate the delivery time using the online tools on the official website. Besides, the nearest YRC locations can be found online: type in the ZIP code to see offices nearby. Terminals in Puerto Rico and Guam are also provided.

YRC Customer Support

The company offers clients a well-developed customer support service: YRC clients can enjoy all advantages of it.

First, there’s a huge knowledge base on the website: in the FAQ section, customers can find answers to the vast majority of their questions. Besides, YRC renders various useful tools, such as:

  • Personalized lists of clients and destinations.
  • Calculation of density, measurement of shipment dimensions and weight + conversion.
  • Flexible pickup solutions.
  • Delivery notifications and alerts about the delay, and so much more.

Customers can contact the support team by using email or live chat. Besides, they can call YRC local terminals – the contacts of offices can be found on the website.

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Bottom Line

Top-notch quality of shipping and client support service make YRC transportation company a true leader in its niche. Although it ships within American continents only, it does its work well and keeps clients satisfied with the speed and reliability of shipping.

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