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If you are as heavily addicted to ebay and Chinese e-commerce websites as we are, then you probably know about this company. Some online sellers claim it to be the carrier for the merchandise they send you, but is it actually true? Let’s find out!


winit courier

According to company’s official website they are a rather young but up-and-coming enterprise, providing innovative solutions for cross-border e-commerce. In case you are not yet familiar with Winit courier company, we’ve jotted down a petit summary with all the necessary info below.

The history of Winit

Whether 'tis nobler in comments to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous clients or to take arms against a sea of claims and by opposing end them? What do we mean by this unexpected poetic introduction? To be honest, the popularity of this particular company outside China is quite debatable. By introducing Winit ebay got some of their customers pretty upset, as the main thing you have to know about this company is that it is not actually a postal carrier.

What is it then? When you google the name, one of the first links leads to urban dictionary, but trust us, you don’t want to learn their definition of this word! Surprisingly, the company’s official website itself not only is hard to find, but also does provide quite an obscure representation of the company as “an integrated supply chain solutions provider”.

winit shipping

winit postage

So rather than being a postage carrier Winit is more of an intermediary in postal operations. The main goal for this company was to help Chinese online sellers compete on the world market on a completely new level by improving the speed and efficiency of purchases delivery. They are cooperating with a number of carrier companies that provide actual delivery of all the parcels guided by Winit logistics management. So, what should you do if online-seller left you no choice and told you that your parcel was shipped with this company?

How to locate your parcel?

The company utilizes a proprietary parcel tracking system, designed to keep track of each item, entrusted to them, with the help of unique tracking numbers. They are unique in many ways, one of them being their unusual format that might cause you some difficulties trying to trace your Winit delivery.

That’s where hurries to your rescue. We offer you fast and effective tool to track any of your packages no matter how unusual their tracking or id numbers might be. Just enter it into required field above and click on “track” button, and we’ll provide you a detailed report on the progress of your delivery.

winit shipping carrier

winit logistics

The thing with this company’s tracking numbers is that in most cases they allow tracking only until parcel is transferred from Winit warehouse to the carrier that will provide the actual delivery of the parcel outside China. Your tracking number provided by this company would usually look like ID18022992760298CN. It allows you to obtain information about the parcel uploaded to Winit database, but when the parcel is handed to other national or private postal carrier, it will receive local tracking number, thus tracing it will become impossible.

How to get in touch with Winit?

In case your parcel no longer receives status updates and it was not yet delivered, you can contact Winit customer service team. Unless you are residing in mainland China, Hong Kong or Taiwan, from where you can easily call them on:

Despite being not exactly a shipping carrier Winit for over 5 years strives to make the process of online shopping timeous, reliable and transparent for both parties - the Chinese online-sellers and their customers, while is striving to help you with tracking the parcels dispatched with this unique and promising company.

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