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One of the oldest carriers in the world, Saia transportation company was established in 1924. It specializes on logistics, freight shipping, and standard delivery for individual and corporate customers. Company services are mostly provided in the USA, but international delivery is also performed. Saia provides best-in-class shipping quality while complying with timelines and safety demands.

Fast Facts about Saia inc

  • Saia corporate office is located in Johns Creek (Georgia, USA).
  • It’s a family business that started with one family car with rear seats removed.
  • There are 156 terminals operating.
  • The number of employees is 9,500.
  • Over 26,000 Saia ltl shipments are processed every day.
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SAIA corp

History of Saia corp

The history of Saia company started in 1924, when Louis Saia started delivering the products using the family car. During the next 45 years, the venture started growing into a mature business, and terminals were established in Texas and Louisiana.

By 1986, it became one of the most well-established LTL companies in the USA, and there were 23 Saia terminals with 1,000+ employees and over $50 mln revenue. From 1987 to 1993, the company was acquired and by Preston Trucking, then – Yellow Corporation. As the result, Saia could cover 11 states.

In 2002, Saia and Jevic Transportation started operating separately from Yellow Corp. It also started a series of beneficial partnerships:

  • 2004 - Clark Brothers Transport, Inc joined Saia’s network.
  • 2007 – acquisition of The Connection Company and Madison Freight Systems, Inc. It allowed the company to reach $1 bln revenue.
  • 2012 – acquisition of the Robart Companies. Extention of truck network and the logistics system.

At the moment, Saia logistics services are provided in 40 American states (together with Hawaii and Alaska), and Saia locations also include Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.

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what is SAIA

Saia shipping services

Being an advanced carrier, Saia provides the whole gamut of delivery options:

  • Regional and multi-regional LTL shipping for individual users and businesses.
  • Truckload shipping (shipments over 20,000 pounds).
  • Supply-chains service.
  • Distribution and consolidation service.

Aside from that, many corporate users praise the company in Saia reviews for brilliant project management tools. It helps with such aspects as risk management, introduction of transportation management solutions, control over warehouse, development of consolidation and cross-dock programms. Saia information center helps clients to develop a smart delivery strategy to minimize expenses and risks, and reach the highest efficiency of shipping operations.

The company makes parcel management convenient for individual clients, too. There’s a mobile app that allows tracking shipments, managing documents, getting quotes and communicating with the customer support. This is the easiest way to access personal account and adjust delivery terms.

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SAIA delivery

Advantages of Saia

Why thousands of customers trust this carrier?

  • Saia features competitive prices and delivery dates. This is an excellent choice from the price/quality ratio standpoint.
  • It performs fast multiregional delivery. Judging by Saia news, the company is going to expand its coverage further to provide services in the entire country.
  • The company provides a myriad of tools for shipping management: e-billing, coverage & density calculator, flexible pick-up options, quoting, and so much more. This is a convenient option for both businesses and private clients.
  • Taking care about customers, Saia sends notifications about shipping status updates regularly and always warns customers about possible delays.
  • This is one of a few carriers that do their best to protect environment and ensure excellent working conditions. Saia careers are highly demanded, and the average employee tenure is 8 years.

Tracking options

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SAIA frieght

The shipments can be tracked using the official Saia application on the website:

  • open main page and find QuickTrack window;
  • paste the tracking ID;
  • check out delivery status.

Users can also track their parcels by PRO, POD Fax, Pickup number, or with the help of email notifications. Logging in isn’t required, and the tracking number can be found in the confirmation email. The mobile application allows activating push-notifications about shipping process, as well.

Alternatively, third-party services can be used to track a parcel. For example, allows finding the shipment using tracking code only – it’s a one-click affair.

What is Saia?

This is one of the biggest carriers in the USA that boasts a wide coverage, short timelines, decent service quality, and reliable customer support. The carrier has recommended itself as the best solution for LTL shipping, and now is used by millions of customers in the States and abroad.

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