We are


  • Do you know why we all have gathered here?

    All the steps and actions we take are aimed at achieving a single goal – we strive to make parcel tracking simpler, clearer and more accessible, than it has ever been. We’re doing it for all of you, regardless of age, device-operating skills or package tracking experience.

    Whether we are on the right way – it’s up to you to decide 😊

  • Since august 2018 till now the following has been done by us:
    • Tracked

      2.81 million deliveries

    • Listened to

      16959 feedback comments

    • Covered

      252 countries

    • Answered

      319 hot FAQ’s

    • Written

      122 unique articles

    • Introduced

      25 carriers

    • Drew

      182 mock ups

    • Delved into

      1344 analytical reports

    • Implemented

      93 ideas

    • Executed markup for

      581 pages


  • dima-m
    Dima M.
    Project management
    Study others to create your own

    The most tedious follower of SCRUM principles.

    4 nightclubs in one night simply must turn into five.

  • barbara-d
    Barbara D.
    Life is like a box of chocolates someone mailed to you. You spend most of your time wondering if you’ll ever get it

    Possesses the ultimate knowledge of 80s-00s pop-culture and high-school literature program.

    Can rhyme anything with anything and make it about tracking.

    Can work magic if you just add a few zeros to her paycheck.

  • oleh-kh
    Oleh Kh.
    Life is like riding a bicycle To keep your balance, you must go on with moving

    Properly planned and coordinated work of our team is the key to obtaining good performance and results.

    Life outside the work for me is: my beloved family, meeting interesting people, the sea, traveling, conquering peaks on a bicycle in different countries, driving a car.

  • serhii-b
    Serhii B.
    Do not wait for the right moment start acting now ... mistakes and failures bring us closer to success

    Our projects and the cool guys that make our team give me the opportunity to put different ideas into life, which is the best inspiration.

    More than my work I would only prefer several glasses of tasty light or dark beer:) with friends.

    Taking this opportunity, I advise you to visit Ukraine - it is a wonderful country with nice people ;)

  • alex-p
    Alex P.
    A drowning man cannot learn to swim

    He is the full-fledged master of Photoshop, so we are unsure what exactly he looks like.

    It seems that if I ever end up on a deserted island, I will not notice the absence of people.

    I can survive on tuna with mayonnaise and reddit for about a year.

    The two things I love the most is to listen and argue. Once I listened to 10 hours of lectures on creationism, to be able to argue with my friend-creationist.

  • katherin-m
    Katherin M.
    Content management
    The woman who transforms basic instincts into belles lettres.

    High-quality content generator. For best results, fuel with Jägermeister!

    She is perfectly able to clean up her laptop by herself.

    Her working hours are filled with beauty, wisdom and sublimity. And she gladly indulges in everything other then that in her free time.

  • dmitry-k
    Dmitry K.
    We will be replaced by robots one day

    If you are the single developer in a company you can tell everyone you are CTO.

    There is a lot of fun in FUNctional programming.