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The brainchild of Otto Versand and Werner Velbinger, fleet-footed Hermes parcel delivery service, was born in 1972 in Hamburg that lies on Elbe. It was still lying in the cradle, when, looking at its top-notch service, the highly experienced users predicted its fate: “O my darling, independent and nationwide courier system, we feel how often will you make your way through the darkest of the night to customer’s homes to do your delivery work there without a noise.” They did, of course, exaggerate, but, to tell you the truth, Hermes service did snuck in if not client’s homes, but certainly into their hearts.

The legend of Hermes Post

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Hermes UK

No matter how many national postal carriers were there, and how many private courier companies existed at that time, still none of them could surpass this one in its agility and the quickness of its growth. Not long did the newborn Hermes carrier stay in its sacred cradle. When the time came for the Berlin Wall to finally fall, the young company got out of the homelands, and stepped beyond the threshold into the East Germany. It was the same year that the carrier introduced an advanced next day express service to replace the already-existed 48-hour service. By the end of 1990s the company launched ParcelShop system with over 1,000 Hermes depot facilities installed nationwide. In 2007 it has gone from nationwide to worldwide, starting their expansion with launching operations in Austria and Italy. Nowadays they also manage operations in the UK, Russia, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain and Portugal, focusing primarily on parcel and bulky goods segments, and positioning themselves as leading service provider for online retail.

Where is my local Hermes depot?

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Hermes depot locations

Nowadays company cooperates with 53 depots in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria, assigning to them the last stage of delivery process for bulky goods and furniture. After they got a new order placed Hermes proceeds through the following steps:

  • Collection of goods from the seller or manufacturer;
  • Processing and cross-docking through own facilities;
  • Distribution to regional depots in the countries, mentioned above;
  • Delivery, installation and after-sales services done by customer’s local depot.

The depots are usually independent moving or logistics companies that have long-term partner relationships with Hermes postal service. If you’re wondering which one of them will be providing your delivery, the best way to find it out would be to contact carrier’s customer support in your country.

How to send a Hermes parcel?

The company mostly provides door-to-door deliveries, and manages all the orders online at their official website If you’re sending your parcel from countries other than UK, you can visit carrier’s main site, choose your region in the upper right corner and visit the country’s local page, where all the orders can be placed. After you register your package using the detailed and simple online-form, you can choose whether it is convenient for you to wait until your parcel is collected by company’s employee, or you would drop your parcel off at Hermes collection points. You can easily find them using ParcelShop locator at company’s website. That might be the best option for those, who don’t have the possibility to be at home for parcel collection, or a safe place to leave a parcel for the courier. The drop-off points are usually open until late, they operate 7 days a week and can be easily found using online-locator so that you won’t have to manage your own schedule to fit Hermes pick up into it. Also, once you have dropped-off your item, it can be tracked online.

How to track Hermes package?

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Hermes where is my parcel

After your parcel was registered online and either collected by the courier or dropped-off at one of the shops, it can be easily tracked to destination address. That’s pretty convenient for those of you, who just cannot bring themselves to be sure if it’s okay to trust the company, named after the god of mischief. After you received Hermes parcel id you can use carrier’s official site to keep an eye on your delivery progress. But if continuously entering the main carrier’s site and searching for your country’s page is tiring for you, we would recommend using tool. It’s fast, mobile-friendly and can be equally well used for tracking all your deliveries no matter domestic or international, going to any of possible destinations. The procedure is simple:

  • Go to
  • Enter your Hermes parcel number
  • Click on ‘track’ button and wait for 30 seconds to get your results.

You’ll receive detailed report on the current stage of delivery. If your results show any holdups or problems in your parcel’s progress, do not worry. Most of them can be solved in a matter of 1-2 days. All you have to do to bring everything back to normal is contact Hermes customer service. You can visit carrier’s contact page at to make an inquiry from Britain. For that you would be offered to choose from various situations you might need help with, and you’ll be redirected to customer support.

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