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Purolator is the Canadian courier’s service, which is well known worldwide. It works around the whole globe – exactly this fact makes this company an international one. The carrier started its activity in 1960, and since then only grows its possibilities.
Here is represented a few interesting facts, which helps you to find out a little bit more about Purolator:

  • The company’s name was not always the same – the first name was Trans Canada Couriers, Ltd. The well-known name – Purolator – was appointed only in 1987.
  • The company wasn’t always making a delivery – firstly it was a part of the American company, which produced oil filters. Precisely this fact was decisive while choosing the name – it contains three words – “pure” + “oil” + “later.”
  • The most significant partner of the Purolator is UPS – this company helps to make delivery outside of Canada.
  • The amount of company’s stuff is growing daily – not it includes more than 10 000 people.
  • Usually, delivery makes with the help of the cars, but also Purolator operates with the air vehicle, provided by Cargojet Airways. The most popular plains are Boeings – models no 727, 757 and, of course, 767.
  • The central office is located in Mississauga, Ontario.
  • The corporation earns more than 1.5 billion of Canadian dollars – this number is impressive!

So, using this carrier, you always can be sure that you’ll get the high-qualified services – can company takes care of every customer. It’s entirely no matter what do you want to send – a tiny greeting card or a whole elephant – everything will arrive safe & sound, in time & in a better way. Purolator – the best delivery with the Canadian quality!

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