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Conway corp is a freight carrier that’s based in Dublin (Ireland). This company operated worldwide and offers a wide range of logistic services for customers from every corner of the Earth. Whenever you work with Con way, you can be sure in an exceptional level of service and fast shipping – the carrier serves both corporate and individual clients.

The history of Conway carrier

Conway Shipping Limited appeared on the market in 1953: back then, it serves to provide forwarding, transport and clearance services. Additionally, it operated as a ships agency with port support. The transporting network kept growing, and now Conway is one of the most well-established British carriers that ship globally.

Conway shipping company was a part of the Marco Polo Line group of agents – the global service that provides logistics solutions. Their expertise, resources and professional advice help the carrier to deal with local customs and logistical issues.

Recently, Conway delivery service was rebranded. Now it’s called XPO logistics: this is one of Top-10 global logistics companies. It boasts a lot of rewards and recognition for the quality of service, the best environmental performance, and shipping innovations.

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Facts about Conway corporation

The carrier stands out from the crowd due to:

  • Over 1,900 locations around the world are present.
  • 98,000 employees from different countries are involved.
  • Conway has physical assets in 32 countries.
  • Over 1,700 tech specialists work over shipment innovations for the benefit of customers.
  • Over 160,000 shipments are processed every day.
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Conway transport

Services of Conway logistics

The company provides a large range of transporting and logistics services, including:

  • International and local freight services.
  • Customs clearance service.
  • Road freight service.
  • Haulage service.
  • Supply chain solutions.
  • Retail transportation.

Conway partners with a huge number of companies to provide supply chain management solutions in the spheres of healthcare, government, and aerospace, technology, agriculture, etc. It also puts a heavy focus on transportation solutions for shipping to Mexico, USA, and Canada.

Conway LTL is a very quick service: shipping takes about a couple of days, and international delivery is quick, as well. No matter where you need to deliver a parcel, and how huge it is, the carrier can deal with it professionally and timely.

Advantages of Conway transportation services

There are several reasons to become a Conway customer. First, Conway transportation is extensive and well-established: aside from numerous trucks, aircraft and coaches available, the company has about 9,500 large containers, and 115,000 small and medium boxes available. Conway is also present in every key port, and marine shipping allows for more efficient delivery around the world. It works with 5,000+ airports over the world. Freight shipments can be delivered right to customer’s door.

Secondly, Conway corporation invests about $450 mln annually to introduce innovations for top-class service for the customers. Aside from convenient tracking and parcel management solutions, it strives to improve the safety and speed of delivery. Combining transportation modeling tools with real-time information, the company allows for maximum shipping efficiency.

Thirdly, customers who use Conway USA, Mexico, and Canadian shipping will enjoy the fastest delivery dates – the company has a lot of logistics partners around the entire continent.

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Conway logistics

About tracking options

Simplifying user experience, Conway allows for fast parcel tracking in a couple of clicks. It updates shipping status information on a regular basis for customers to stay in the know. To check the Conway shipping progress, do the following:

  • Visit the official website and find ‘Track shipment’ section.
  • You will need to log in and enter your personal account.
  • There, you will find the list of your orders. Click on the required order and you’ll be provided all necessary information: the current shipment status, due date, possible delays and reasons for that, etc.

Don’t want to log in? You can click ‘Continue as a guest’ and paste the ID tracking number. Up to 35 numbers can be typed simultaneously.

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Conway delivery service

Additionally, Conway has a myriad of options for delivery tracking. For example, it sends notifications to the customer’s email and smartphone. Auto updated and notifications can be set up in the personal account. There’s a tracking API for developers, as well.

Conway delivery process can also be tracked on third-party websites, such as

Using Conway transport network and exceptional service, both corporate and personal clients enjoy a consistent level of quality and fast shipping. This Irish carrier has managed to become a leader in the delivery service market.

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