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Quarter of a century ago, the postal service leaved a lot to be desired. That’s when Parcelforce appeared. It made lives of British people much easier and quickly spread over the entire globe.

History of Parcelforce

The history of Parcelforce dates back to 1986, when it was established as the part of Royal Mail Group (the parent service that was started in 1883 and operated with the help of railway transport mostly). 25 years ago, the company laid the foundation of the business that’s thriving and helping people around the world till the present day. In 1990, Royal Mail Parcels was rebranded, and its name changed to Parcelforce Worldwide.

In 1992, the business went through privatization due to the fact it worked with organizations rather than individuals. In 2002, Parcelforce UK narrowed the range of its services to next day and 2-day shipping.

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In 2007, the company was the first carrier in the UK offering its clients to reduce the carbon emissions connected with the parcel shipping. Customers had the opportunity to donate £5 for delivery in United Kingdom, or £10 for international shipping to The Woodland Trust. The carrier directed all donations afterward.

During the last 10 years, Parcel Force UK invested heavily in technologies and transport network. First, the new processing center in the North West with high-end facilities was build. In 2012, Royal Mail invested £75 mln in opening of new processing centers within the following 4 years. Secondly, since 2013, twelve new depots were introduced (in Bodmin, Cornwall, Hampshire and Basingstoke). Being in step with times, the company guarantees exceptional speed and precision of order processing, which makes it one of leaders on the express parcel market.

54 depots to serve millions of people

The British carrier outperforms its competitors thanks to a well-established system of warehouses. Having 54 Parcelforce depot locations strategically spread over the UK from the North of Scotland to the south of England, the carrier manages to operate successfully in the entire Kingdom. These depots feed three sorting & tracking centers in the Midlands and the North-West.

Major senders also enjoy the possibility of a direct feed parcel collection. That means that instead of sending parcels to the local Parcelforce post office for sorting, the carrier leaves a trailer on site – it’s filled up during the working day and then transferred to Coventry for accurate processing.

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Interesting facts

If you’re not impressed yet, read a few curious facts about Parcelforce centers:

  • Parcelforce national hub covers 258 334 square feet and handles about 58,500 parcels in one hour! It is equipped with top-notch technologies allowing for 270-degree bar code scanning. During peak periods, full loading of a vehicle takes 45 seconds only.
  • The International center covers 134 549 square feet and handles 35,000 parcels daily for 240 countries worldwide. The facility is equipped with X-ray machines for fast and accurate scanning and security compliance.
  • Centers use overhead scanners and volumetric measuring equipment for quick sorting and processing. It’s topped off with advanced video coding, optical character recognition and top-notch cameras.
  • When it comes to annual parcel turnover in Parcelforce, number of processed packages reaches 7 mln in the International center only.

Parcelforce goes green

The company recognizes its responsibility not only to the customers – it does everything possible to protect the environment through the compliance with Royal Mail Group Environmental Policy and environment management related standards. Parcelforce guarantees the following:

  • Compliance with local and global environmental legislation and requirements.
  • Strict control over the consequences of their activities.
  • Reviewing of the current and potential impact on the environment.
  • Managing of risks connected with foreseeable accidents.
  • Strict control over the selection of materials, transport solutions, etc.

Parcelforce courier service is not just quick – it’s eco-friendly thanks to comprehensive management of environmental impact.

Excellent services for flawless user experience

Being one of leading delivery service providers in the UK, Parcelforce leverages the latest technologies and a well-established transporting system. The company sends shipments all over the UK and entire world: it can deliver parcels to 99.6% of Earth’s population using its proprietary and partners’ transporting network. Judging by Parcelforce reviews, the company guarantees positive user experience both in its offices and on the official website for customers to enjoy ultimate convenience.

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Each of 11,000 local Parcelforce post office branches provides the whole gamut of services. The company boasts quick shipping options and 100% coverage of local UK addresses.

British and international customers can easily track their parcels: only the delivery ID is required. Parcels are either delivered to receiver’s door, or picked up in postal offices. If you’re a UK user, search for ‘Parcelforce near me’ and you’re likely to find an office within easy reach.

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