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The first rule of creating a successful website is to give a powerful text massage to get your attention. But when it comes to this particular carrier, there’s no need for any tricks. Not only is it the only national postal company in the US, it is known and recognized worldwide. Thus not only is USPS USA one of the most common requests for most online search systems, thousands of people also try to search for the carrier’s offices in their countries. And if this is not a true sign of quality, then we don’t know what is.

USPS historical facts

Nevertheless, there’re a couple of facts about this company that you might find interesting:

  • Set up back in 1639, the first USPS facility was located in an old tavern owned by Richard Fairbanks. Nowadays, their number increased to over 8500 facilities nationwide.


  • If you’d lived before 1863, you’d have no choice but to go to the post office to pick up your mail, but thanks to Joseph Briggs, a free mail delivery service was launched and we bet, you cannot imagine your life without it now.
  • In 1966 Chicago Post Office (the largest PO at the time), suffered a huge halt caused by about 10 million pieces of mail becoming log-jammed. This incident triggered a long-awaited postal reform, and the lesson was well learned, as USPS service is endlessly changing to keep up with the time and introduce new progressive technologies.
  • The company boasts the largest non-military vehicle fleet in the world, striving to deliver to each and every address inside the country. And when traditional ways fail, time comes for creative ideas. For example, all the mail to Supai, Arizona, located deep in the Grand Canyon, is delivered by mule. It is the cost effective and safe way for the carrier to show, that their care about every customer all over the US is not some empty words.
  • Although it’s easy to find the cute photos of USPS courier service employees happily encountering all types of animals (from common cats and geese to wild deer or wolf cubs) during deliveries, one particular pet still remains their “natural enemy”. Dog bites are a serious problem for mail couriers; with over 6000 attacks per year, they cause the most workplace injuries.

What is U.S. Postal Inspection Service?

Over 200 federal laws are protecting your parcel, making USPS mail incredibly secure. The company itself has their own federal agency called the U.S. Postal Inspection Service to investigate mail crimes and protect your items against malicious acts. This agency is famous enough to even have their own crime drama “The Inspectors” airing on CBS channel.

The well-known and priceless Hope Diamond (weighing 45.5 carats) traveled safe and sound to the Smithsonian museum through the US mail. It was mailed by Harry Winston as registered first-class mail, which costed $2.44 for delivery (though, he had to pay extra $142.85 for insurance). The cost of delivery has slightly changed since 1950s, but with USPS parcel still has the most chances to get to addressee as safe as the mentioned jewel.

Why should you use

So if you’ve finally decided to try dispatching your valuables with this courier company, or you are their regular customer, familiar with all the advantages the company offers, our site can come in handy. offers you fast and accurate tracking of your USPS package status. The data is updated regularly providing our visitors information on the current location of their parcel, its delivery status. You’ll be able to keep up with the current progress of dispatch to stay completely sure that everything sails smoothly. In rare case when the delivery requires additional info or cooperation with the sender or recipient, USPS customer service will keep in touch with you until your mail reaches its destination. Therefore, we hope you enjoy our tracking service and wish you best of luck with your deliveries!

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