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An Italian postal service, SDA company provides delivery on the territory of Italy and abroad. Its success is based on advanced technologies, logistics information systems, and remote sales. SDA ships to over 200 countries ensuring exceptional speed and quality of its service.

Quick facts about SDA Carrier

Although SDA isn’t very popular around the world, this company can surprise you with a few facts:

  • The service was established in Rome in 1984 and since 1998 it is the part of Poste Italiane Group, the biggest national company in the delivery sphere.
  • In 2017, the total turnover of SDA reached €550 mln.
  • The carrier delivers hundreds of thousands of packages every day due to the team of 4,000 people and over 4,500 vehicles at its disposal.
  • The company has 86 branches, most of them are located in Italy.
  • SDA offers a special bookbinding service for printing houses and other partners.
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The range of carrier SDA services

SDA courier offers the whole gamut of delivery options for both individual and corporate clients. A widespread network of its offices ensures timely processing of orders and compliance with customers’ requirements. The company provides:

  • Standard express shipping.
  • Technical solutions for eCommerce.
  • Local and international delivery.
  • Integrated logistics.
  • Delivery to large retail distribution warehouses and centers.
  • Bookbinding
  • E-procurement.
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Although SDA shipping is available for individuals around the world, it puts a heavy focus on partnership with corporations and retail operators.

What are SDA’s strong sides?

The key advantage of SDA delivery is a wide range of available services, that’s why it covers the wide audience from individuals to international corporations. The carrier has specific offers for every customer. They are free to ship anything: documents, letters, clothes, medications, valuable items, bulky packages, and even motorcycles. SDA team consults customers to help them figure out a suitable option.

About SDA international shipping

The best thing about international shipments in SDA is the fact they aren’t limited in weight, size or number of items, and character (customer are free to send anything that’s legal). The carrier provides the full range of services starting from packing and finishing by delivery to client’s nearest pickup office, or their house. Customs clearance operations are also performed by the company.

The delivery dates are quite agreeable:

  • 1 day for Europe
  • 2 days for North America (USA/Canada)
  • 2-3 days for all other countries

SDA customer service is available for both local and international deliveries. The customers ordering international delivery can use the digital proof-of-delivery, notifications via SMS and email, Smart Alrts, and online tracking.

What is MySDA 2.0?

To help clients manage their orders, the company launched MySDA web-portal. It is jan-packed with useful features and lots of information. First of all, it helps customers to manage their orders more efficiently. For example, they are able to print waybills, get an insight into reports, and manage databases of senders & recipients – those are highly convenient features for corporate users.

Secondly, the shipments can be scheduled and divided into several pickups. Clients are free to manage their SDA post deposits, they can receive email and SMS notifications, track their parcels and get detailed information about them (pickup and shipment codes, destination ZIP code, departure, and delivery dates and so much more).

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Thirdly, corporate customers can manage their invoices and get the summary of invoiced deliveries. There are numerous reports available (concerning deposits, shipments, etc).

Therefore, SDA mail service allows for total control over shipment orders – this is a mission-critical benefit for many organizations.

About tracking SDA

SDA Italy has a superb tracking service for all customers. There’s a handful of support options, including:

  • Customs help. Professional operators are available online: users can consult them via chat. The Documentation can be obtained on the website, too.
  • Customers can call using SDA number 199.113366 (please, note that it is a paid option). Operators will inform on shipping details.
  • Digital POD (proof-of-delivery) means that the recipient leaves his sign at the time of delivery. it can be activated in MySDA.
  • Re-mail and re-call services are made to inform customers about shipping details. Both SMS and SDA email notifications are available.

Customers can figure out the location of the parcel using the tracking code on the official website and other online tracking services.

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SDA is one of the most well-established Italian postal services that provide exceptional user experience coupled with fast and safe delivery.

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