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A not so long time ago in a country not that far away...
Turmoil has engulfed the United States postal system. The velocity and efficiency of delivery routes to outlying cities were in dispute. Hoping to resolve the matter with pioneer logistical challenges, the newly-formed Federal Express company has begun the journey in order to revolutionize the world business practices.



While the skeptics and traditionalists endlessly debates this alarming chain of events, the very first FedEx office in Memphis, Tennessee has officially dispatched their first 14 aircrafts to deliver their first 186 packages, to make a step towards becoming globally recognized and admired corporation...

And so began a 45-year long story that spans Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, Africa and both Americas. Now, the brand style of this worldwide company, their signatures, colors, typefaces, became easily recognized in any part of the world and FedEx official website is one of the most haunted among carrier companies. No wonder, when we were creating our website to be a helper in your online parcel tracking, we couldn’t just walk past this particular company. That is why we would like to present you our – your easiest and most accessible way to keep an eye on your FedEx package.

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Why to choose Fedex?

Now that’s a reasonable question. With the current level of competition in this market segment it is extremely hard to choose the one company you will entrust your parcel to. Thanks to their straightforward procedures and clear communications, this particular carrier might be just the right choice if you’re looking for a fast international delivery. Their prices might be slightly higher than those of competitors, but thanks to a vast network of FedEx locations and an extensive fleet of own aircraft, delivery to any part of the globe within 1-2 days is a routine for this company.

The carrier changes, they invent new solutions, lead the way in operations, technology, e-commerce, to meet the needs of constantly evolving global business. They strive to find just the right solution for each customer, understanding that their needs and circumstances are different. With FedEx post -modernism has come to the world of mail service.

A couple of fact according to Fedex

All carrier companies state, that your parcels are completely safe with them. Well, for this one carrier those are not just empty promises. FedEx planes have anti-missile protection and are the only commercial planes to currently carry these protective measures. So no worries, the FedX –men are watching over your packages.

Your parcel is fragile, sensitive and needs special attention during the delivery? This is a daily staple for these guys! Baby pandas travel between the US and China on regular basis. If company’s employees are able to deliver those babes safe and sound, they’re capable of anything.

Even though the company strives to play safe when it comes to customer’s property, from time to time they are no strangers to taking some risks to keep the business going. They say that the company almost went bankrupt in its first year, but Fred Smith thought “I won’t let my FedEx die!”, took all of his money to Las Vegas and made enough at the tables to weather a few more months until business picked up on Christmas season. Though, we doubt that the company's future was won that day, we still envy the guy a little.

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So if all of this has convinced you to send your parcel with FedEx, we would be glad to offer our help with tracking it at any time of the day. Though is endlessly working on maintaining the status of the best tracking source, there are still things we cannot do for you. In case you have any problems with your delivery, there’s simply no way for us to fix them. But you can always contact customer support on 1.800.Go.FedEx from US or Canada, or search for FedEx number in your country at carrier’s official website.

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