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OnTrac is an American parcel carrier that focuses on parcel logistics mostly. Senders of small packages opt for this service because it is fast and relatively cheap – there’s no added cost of express shipping. The company boasts a well-developed transportation system and wide coverage.

The history of Ontrac Carrier

The story of the company started in 1991 when it was founded as California Overnight – a division of Express Messenger Systems, Inc. Back then, EMS saw it as a chance to provide a more substantial service for next-day shipping from San Francisco to Los Angeles and back.

The company covered entire California, then Nevada in 1996, Arizona in a year, and Washington with Oregon by 2005. Since it outgrew the borders of California, founders decided to change the name.

In 2008, Ontrac company appeared – California Overnight went through rebranding. During the first year of its existence, it expanded to Utah. Then Colorado was added in 2011, and Idaho in 2013. At the moment, Ontrac corporate office is located in Chandler, Arizona.

Covering 8 states of America, Ontrac has the opportunity to reach 65+ mln customers without being charged extra fees by other companies.

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Services & Ontrac commerce solutions

The carrier mostly specializes in parcel logistics: it connects the local delivery companies through leading technologies and advanced handling of materials, as well as quality customer support.

OnTrac Ground service is quite important feature: now, shipping has become much faster, and it can deliver parcels within 1-3 days across the covered regions

In 2014, OnTrac established DirectPost – the United States Package Consolidation Service. It allowed it to partner with different transporting companies and third-party delivery providers. The number of available shipping services is impressing:

  • 1-day, 2-day delivery.
  • Overnight delivery in California via Ontrac truck.
  • DirectPost – The US last-mile delivery for businesses that need to process at least 500 small lightweight parcels on a daily basis.
  • Saturday shipment.
  • Collect on Delivery services.
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Advantages of Ontrac courier

What makes this company one of the most competitive carriers on the American market?

  • Thanks to numerous Ontrac warehouse locations, customers’ parcels are processed at a high rate – a shipment can be sent within one day.
  • Competitive shipping rates make it an agreeable service for both individual and corporate clients. Besides, there’s a money-back service guarantee for users who don’t receive parcels in time or have their shipments affected.
  • Using the mobile Ontrac app, customers can track and manage their shipments without problems – the information is available in real time.
  • Thanks to efficient last-mile strategy, every courier manages to delivery hundreds of parcels daily.
  • Aside from having well-established Ontrac facility, the company boasts a wide choice of shipping software. It partners with multi-carrier software providers to make management, tracking and reporting more efficient. The program requirements are minimal, and software can be used on different OS.
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Who is OnTrac

International Shipping

Using any of Ontrac locations in the US, American customers can ship to over 140 countries. The company works together with businesses to provide them with unmatched quality and speed of delivery. It has a great international delivery expertise and large processing capabilities, customized pricing, and discounts based on commitments, customizable drop dates, and secure facilities.

Being a fast and efficient Carrier, Ontrac delivers small packages and documentation within 4-9 to countries abroad. Low-value merchandise shipments, ePacket delivery, and letter-post packages are processed, too.


Customers can track the location of their Ontrac parcels starting from the moment they’re processed on an Ontrac warehouse and finishing by handling. The information is provided in real time – it’s constantly updated.

The process of tracking is simple:

  • Visit the official website and find ‘Package Tracking’ section on the right.
  • Paste the tracking ID number and click ‘Go’.
  • You will see the shipment details: current delivery status, due date, etc.

There’s also a mobile Ontrac app for managing and tracking parcels using a smartphone or a tablet – both Android and iOS versions are supported.

Alternatively, parcels can be tracked on third-party websites, such as k2track.com Only tracking number is required for that.

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Bottom Line

What is Ontrac? This is a reliable and fast carrier that works with both individual and business clients and provides a myriad of solutions for efficient parcel management. Despite having moderate coverage, the company does its best to serve over 65 mln customers in eight American states.

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