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Old Dominion

One of the most well-known American couriers, which specializes in the small delivery services is Old Dominion Freight Line Inc.
Here we collected some interesting and useful facts, which can help you to find out a little bit more about the carrier with a long working history.

Old Dominios as the LTL courier

This company belongs to the LTL delivery group. LTL abbreviation is decoded as Less than truckload Shipping. Old Dominion shipping including those service types, which can help you to deliver only small or middle-sized goods, which transportation do not need a particular vehicle like train or ship.

Usually, a standard weight of the box must not pass the 68 kilos point.

Old Dominion freight was founded in 1934. For the first 57 years, the carrier was working on the domestic market in Virginia, USA.

Only in 1991 the company became public and started working in the whole USA territory, after that – all around the world.

Old Dominion today

Today the Old Dominion freight company has an impressive car fleet. A total number of the vehicles, which belong to this carrier, counts 5 800 tractors and 22 500 trailers.

Also, a number of the working cars grows daily – so, the delivery speed is quite high.

As known, Dominion freight line becomes a part of SmartWay Transport Partnership. Every carrier, which is in this community, tries to decrease the pollution, which is produced by the trucks and other massive vehicles.

Even though the amount of the transport, which deliver parcels is growing day by day, the harm of its usage becomes lower.

Additional facts about Old Dominion

Despite the high popularity level in the delivery sphere, OD freight is a member of NASDAQ. In case you are interested in stock exchange, you can buy stocks of this carrier.

In our opinion, this step looks quite attractive – cause the popularity of the company, and the number of satisfied clients is continuously growing.

Although the increasing relevance in the delivery sphere, ODL freight keeps on being a family company. It was founded by the family couple of Earl and Lillian Congdon in distant 1934, and since then – all the executive positions remain for their heirs.

Thanks to this, the company spirit and the goals stay unchangeable, no matter how many time is passed since the first working day.

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