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Founded in 1888, at least according to the official website, Toll started out as a one man – one horse – one cart enterprise hauling coal, and grew into the large logistics service provider with over 1000 locations in over 50 countries. No matter what you’re planning to send, a document, a small package or you’re in need of freight delivery, domestic or global, express or less time-sensitive services are provided by Toll Australia. They also provide supply-chain solutions for various companies, in case they need warehousing or transport solutions.

Why is it called Toll Group?

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As the company began its expansion in the early 90’s, by now they have chain network, consisting of warehouses and operational facilities, which covers the countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and both Americas. With the expansion, the original name of the company was modified to Toll Group, though it mostly is used in company’s official website name. By the way, in case you want to receive more information about company’s international network, or history of its development, or the types of services this carrier provides for business customers and individuals, you can always visit their website, which was mentioned above www tollgroup com. It can also be used to get help from customer support, to track your delivery or file a complaint.

What kind of Toll deliveries are there?

You can choose the type of service based on the size and weight of your goods, its destination, time-sensibility and lots of other factors. For documents and small parcels that are to be delivered to consumers domestically or globally, express Toll deliveries are always available. They provide priority and standard deliveries inside the country, as well as international deliveries of different urgency. In case you need to send containers, truckloads, pallets, heavy or over dimensional goods, by air, sea, railway or road, you can choose to entrust your goods to Toll freight services. They are perfectly able to provide solution to meet any customer’s needs when it comes to carrying products and goods.

How to track Toll delivery?

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Now of course, modern technologies provide us infinite possibilities to improve our experiences with almost any kind of service there is. And carrier companies’ customers can benefit from those technologies as well. Now you don’t have to worry over your Toll delivery progress, you can always go online and check on it. That’s where our website is the one true hero. You can track your parcel or freight easily and time-wisely, and the only thing required is your delivery number. All you have to do to get the most accurate and up-to-date status is visit, enter your Toll parcel number, and wait 30ish seconds for your results to be displayed. It’s as simple as that, and can be done from any device with internet access.

Problems with your Toll shipping tracking?

They can be caused by various reasons and have different consequences, the only thing to remember is that if your tracing results indicate that your parcel of freight is stuck at processing center, was misdelivered or could not be delivered, or your Toll shipping tracking results were not updated for a long time, you should contact the carrier as soon as you can to ask for assistance and find the best solution to the problem. You can find all the contact information at their official website. In case you fail to get any tracking results, it’s best to check the number you are entering carefully.

Overall, Toll is now one of the most successful competitors on the carrier service market, and it is definitely for a reason, so you might as well consider them the next time you want to deliver your valuable goods.

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