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Aramex is a globally acknowledged delivery company that specializes on customized services and innovations. It was founded in 1982 with main offices in Amman and New York. Being located between the two worlds, East and West, it provides delivery to any corner of the world. Aramex works with both corporate and individual clients in regions and around the world.

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What Aramex workers do

Before Aramex global solutions were introduced, the company put a heavy focus on express delivery and various logistics services in the Middle East and developing countries. Aramex reached the status of global provider, and now features the whole gamut of services, including:

  • express courier delivery;
  • e-commerce and record management services for shipping process;
  • logistics & transportation solutions;
  • supply chain management;
  • freight forwarding.

The company is committed to constant improvement of their facilities and seeks for opportunities to enhance business growth in emerging markets of Asia, Africa and other regions. Due to such approach, Aramex company enters the new countries that lack high-quality delivery services and expands its coverage.

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The history of Aramex

As we’ve mentioned, the carrier founded its first offices in Amman (UAE) and New York in 1982. By 1990, it started partnership with Airborn Express and the Overseas Express Carriers. In 1994, the com[any launched domestic, express and freight shipping services. In 1997, it became the first Arab company to be listed on NASDAQ.

However, in 2002, Aramex quitted Nasdaq and returned to private ownership. A year later, the company became one of co-founders of GDA (Global Distribution Alliance) and WFA (World Freight Alliance). In 2005, Aramex became a public shareholding company that started trading on the Dubai Financial Market. In 2011, Aramex logistics services were expanded to South East Asia and Africa.

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Aramex South Africa

Since 2011, Aramex started acquiring other postal service companies, including:

  • Berco Express
  • PostNet South Africa;
  • Australian Mail Call Couriers;
  • Fastway Limited.

Future perspectives

Aramex is pursuing a course of trade in emerging markets while keeping pace with the time. The company keeps acquiring offices in different regions around the world and improving technologies. It pays particular attention to digital connectivity and innovations.

Aramex keeps scaling up its global network of offices while delivering maximum value to partners and stakeholders. It will continue partnership with local and global communities to ensure unbeatable level of service for customers. Recently, Aramex branches were established in Australia and a few Asian countries, and we’ll witness opening of new offices soon.

Quick facts

Being a founder and member of Global Distribution Alliance: this network has over 12,000 offices in different countries. Having 33,000 vehicles and 66,000 workers at its disposal, the carrier will deliver your parcel to the nearest postal office – it ships in more than 240 countries. At the moment, there are over 300 Aramex office locations in 58 countries.

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aramex office near me

Delivery is performed by airplanes, freight transport and trucks: the company guarantees fast and adequate service and real-time tracking.

Can I track my parcel?

Aramex shipment current location can be detected with the help of tracking services. For this purpose, a customer should use the tracking number. It can be used on the official website, or on third-party tracking websites, such as

Attention to compliance

Aramex does its best to comply with industry regulations: the company uses the best practices to stick to the global standards. For this purpose, it introduced the Compliance Program: it helps to provide positive experience for both customers and employees, and avoid things to damage company’s integrity. Therefore, the company can boast:

  • Transparent and safe business practices;
  • Integrity of financial and operational data;
  • Safety of assets;
  • Timely and adequate Aramex customer care;
  • Secure, fair and healthy working conditions;
  • Compliance with laws, regulations and policies.

The carrier values customers’ opinion and welcomes feedbacks and suggestions. Any customer or partner is free to use Aramex contact information and send their complaints or questions anonymously.

Arabian law at guard of service quality

Being listed On the Dubai Financial Market, the company organizes its business in accordance with Arabic laws. Built on the principle of transparency, provides annual governance reports according to SCA standards. Thanks to the efficient management team, the company manages to sustain compliance with both local and global regulations concerning shipping and logistics.

Aramex is a well-established global carrier that specializes on delivery in emerging markets and keeps expanding its network actively. It ensures a decent level of service together and positive user experience.

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