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Today it’s hard to find someone, who didn’t hear about UPS shipping company. This carrier was created in the United States of America, and today its network covers the whole world – even the smallest cities and villages in over 200 countries. The company offers a huge amount of different services, which can satisfy even the most demanding customer, no matter how racy option they need.
UPS courier company provides a lot of benefits to its customers, which helps to improve the service quality. It is exactly this approach, that made it possible to become one of the best service providers in the delivery industry. Not to make it sound proofless, we’ve decided to illuminate the most interesting parts in the long history of company's work.

  • The history of the UPS international starts on the 28th of August 1907 in Seattle. Two friends borrowed a hundred dollars to pay all the costs, connected with the company opening, like office rent etc. Today the carrier earns more than 7 billion dollars yearly, with the total equity of 1030 billion dollars. These numbers are impressive!
  • The UPS carrier didn’t always have this name. Firstly, the company was named as American Messenger Company, and it stayed till 1912. After that, it was renamed into Merchants Parcel Delivery. The name that we know today has appeared already in 1919 and remains unchanged till now.
  • The car park of UPS postal service has nearly 120 000 vehicles, including 9 000 cars & vans with advanced fuel systems. Also, the company has its own UPS Airlines with 244 jet planes. These airlines are one of the biggest in a whole world! It’s hard to believe, but everything starts with bicycles, and the first car (Model T Ford) was bought only in 6 years after opening.
  • The UPS traker option is one of the most in-demand worldwide – nearly 150 million requests are made by different people daily.
  • To make the customer’s life easier, the company decided to make UPS website, which will be the same for all countries, no matter where they are located. In case you need any online option connected with the delivery, you should just follow www UPS com official site and choose your native country in the proposed list.
  • A total amount of available UPS online services is uncountable – you can do everything, which connects to any part of the shipping process, such as:
    • creating an order
    • tracing box whereabouts
    • changing the final receiver’s address
    • order some extra options
    • etc.
  • The UPS courier service is well-known not only for its delivery quality. A lot of people knows this carrier is one of the major employers ever. Today almost the half of billion people are working in the company not only in the United States but around the whole Globe.
  • The UPS worldwide is working with the almost every country in the world – its network covers 220 countries and 6 continents. Also, today the company can deliver packages to every existing address in Europe and North America, no matter how far it is.

As you can see, the UPS delivery service rightly deserves its fame as the biggest company ever. Starting as a tiny firm with debts, UPS grew to the delivery giant, which has just a couple analogs. Its owners proved that no matter how hard your goal looks – everything is possible if you are working hard on it.

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