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USPS Tracking

Do you think of yourself as an experienced user of tracking sites? Are you sure that tracking a parcel is such an easy thing, that you can easily do it with your left armpit? You’re 100% positive that not a single tracking status can shake your confidence? Then, our sophisticated friend, we would like to offer you a small test, designed to determine, if you are as hard-boiled user as you think. If you’re willing to proceed, questions from 1 to 4 are waiting for you below.

usps tracking

tracking usps

Question 1. How do you get a tracking number from USPS?

Now, let’s start with something simple. Try to choose all the correct answers from the following list:

  • The number is printed in your shipping receipt;
    usps tracking number


  • The messenger god Hermes tells it to you in a prophetic dream;
  • Online-retailer you bought the item from sends it to you in shipping confirmation e-mail;
  • A fortune teller on medieval carnival tells you all the numbers for your USPS mail tracking for the following year;
  • A sender of your parcel provides you an e-mail confirmation, in which the number is written, if the parcel was registered at company’s official website prior to sending.

Did you find the question easy? Well then, let’s move to the next one, we promise it’s going to be a bit more challenging.

Question 2. What does your parcel number look like?

So you’ve received a receipt or an e-mail, but what does the number look like? Try choosing a correct USPS tracking number example from the list below:

  • 9400 1111 1111 1111 111111;
  • 9205 5111 1111 1111 111111;
  • 9407 3111 1111 1111 111111.

Well done! You’re not easy to deceive, all the numbers are correct, but they go for regular, priority and certified parcels respectively. You’ve got some luck with domestic numbers, now what about international ones?

  • EC 123 456 789 US;
  • CP 123 456 789 US;
  • UA 123 456 789 US.

Okay-okay, we’ll stop with this pointless deception attempts. You’re totally right, all of those are the correct samples of USPS tracking number. The first one goes for priority express international mail, the second one – for priority international, the last one – for unregistered international mail.

But what if your parcel is originating from another country? The company manages all the parcels sent to the US if they were dispatched with national postal operators of origin countries. As soon as parcel is registered at customs, it is registered in the database. USPS package tracking is available for most of international parcels, except for those dispatched as unregistered. They are easy to recognize, as their numbers are either starting with letter U or in a completely wrong format.

usps package tracking

www usps tracking

Question 3. How do you track your parcel?

Try answering this one, and remember that there might be several correct choices among the following:

  • using company’s official website;
  • using USPS tracking app;
  • just google your tracking number;
  • using different third-party tracking sites;
  • conducting a séance to ask your late ancestors about parcel’s progress.

So you’ve decided to go with traditional ways, well done! Regardless which source you choose for tracking, it’s extremely important to get veracious results. When it comes to carrier’s official website, or their mobile application, you can stay sure, that the results of your tracking are 100% veritable. But if you don’t like installing unnecessary apps on your cell, or spending too much traffic on heavy websites, turning to small tracking sites might be an answer, though it always carries a risk of getting false outcome of USPS online tracking. To avoid this risk, we offer you using for getting your parcel’s status. The site is mobile-friendly, easy to apply and does not overuse your traffic. We also check the database carefully so that our visitors can get the most correct and up-to-date results.

And now, we’ve finally got to the final question; gather your forces, as here it comes!

Question 4. USPS tracking not working, what do you do?

That’s a tricky question so be careful while choosing the correct answers:

  • contact the sender to confirm tracking number;
  • try tracking again later in case the site is undergoing maintenance;
  • curse the carrier using forbidden voodoo rituals;
  • use mind-control power to make company’s employees update your parcel’s status;
  • contact carrier’s customer support.
www usps tracking

usps online tracking

Sometimes there might be several reasons your package cannot be tracked. So if you are positive, that the number you use is the correct one, and your magical powers fail to work, please, contact customer support at carrier’s official website or on the phone to make sure that the parcel is proceeding fine.

Congratulations on finishing our petit test on tracking USPS mail! You did extremely well, and we hope that your ultimate knowledge helps you get all your deliveries without a hitch.

USPS tracking
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