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USPS Shipping

The leading American postal company, USPS, provides the whole gamut of services, including tracking, business mail delivery, and, of course, local and international USPS shipping. What makes it special is exceptional quality and speed of delivery.

USPS covers the entire States having more than 31,000 offices across the country. That allows users to receive parcels quickly and enjoy optimal shipping rates. The carrier operates a large transportation system that includes lorries, aircraft, and even trains. Aside from it, USPS puts a heavy focus on advanced technologies: its clients can manage deliveries and check out USPS shipping status using both online desktop instruments, and the USPS mobile app.

How does USPS shipping tracking work?

In order to provide customers with maximum useful information, USPS has launched the Informed Delivery service: it allows checking the actual location of the package using either website or mobile app. Authorized users can subscribe for notifications and manage their deliveries the following ways:

  • Check detailed information about the parcel using USPS shipping tracking service.
  • See the photos of incoming mail.
  • Set up push notifications and email alerts.
  • Send USPS Delivery Instructions to their mail carrier.

What kind of information is provided when you use the tracking service? The current location of parcel, due delivery date, pick up office (if one is chosen), possible delays and causes of it. Besides, users are free to manage their documents while their parcel is still on the way.

usps track shipping

usps shipping

How to use USPS track shipping service?

To access USPS track shipping tool, you don’t have to register on the USPS website. There are several ways you can exploit the service. The easiest one – to visit USPS main page.

  • step 1

    Open the USPS website.

  • step 2

    Find ‘Track & Manage’ option in the main menu.

  • step 3

    Go to ‘Tracking’.

  • step 4

    Enter the tracking number.

  • step 5

    You will see the detailed description of the shipping process: the current location of parcel, where and when it will be delivered, and so on.

If you need more information, log in to access your personal account: no USPS shipping number is required in this case. You will see the list of your orders and shipments with details and corresponding documents (for instance, proof of delivery). In your personal account, you can customize the delivery date and destination (if the parcel hasn’t left the initial sorting center yet).

usps shipping to canada tracking

usps shipping to canada

Alternatively, you can track the parcel using third-party services, for instance, – only the tracking ID is required.

Another way to use USPS shipping is the mobile app. It provides the user with exactly the same functions: they can track parcels, manage shipments, order other services, and get all necessary information.

usps shipping number

track shipping usps

Where to find USPS shipping track number?

There are many ways to obtain the parcel’s tracking ID:

  • It’s always included in the confirmation email that’s sent to users as soon as their order is shipped off.
  • If you order insurance, the sales receipt contains USPS shipping track number.
  • Find it in the Post Office shipping receipt.
  • If you have USPS Tracking label, you can also find the ID on the peel-off part.
  • Additionally, you can visit your personal account on the website or mobile app to manage orders.

Thus, customers have tracking number provided in both physical and virtual form, so it’s hard to lose.

What does a track shipping USPS number look like?

As a rule, it depends on the type of service you have ordered. For regular and priority mail, track shipping USPS number starts with 9 and contains 18 numbers. For Global Express shipping, it’s a 10-digit number (express international shipping numbers have two letters in the beginning and the end). Regular priority international shipments have 9 letters and numbers.

Extra services for US shipping tracking

USPS provides a myriad of additional services for its customers: they can easily manage shipments even after having placed the orders. International and US shipping tracking is complemented with management options. For example, if the package is the subject for the USPS Delivery Instructions™, the customer can change the delivery address.

us shipping tracking

usps shipping track

To do this, a user should access the personal account, proceed to ‘Change Delivery Instructions’, and send the request. If no such link appears, the package is no longer the subject to such changes. Why?

  • It has already left the Post Office.
  • A military delivery address was chosen.
  • Collect on Delivery (COD) request.

The full list can be found on the official USPS website.

If you want to enjoy high-quality international and US standard shipping tracking, trust your parcels to USPS. This carrier handles shipments with outstanding accuracy and reliability providing real-time delivery info.

USPS tracking
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