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US Postal Service Tracking

The major official state company, United States Postal Service performs shipping within and outside the country. Not only does it organize delivery quickly and safely, but also provides customers with a large variety of parcel management options, including US postal service package tracking. We would discuss the possibilities this option offers you below.

What is US postal services tracking?

All authorized customers have the opportunity to check the information about package location in real time using their smartphones. They can enjoy the following possibilities without even using the tracking number:

  • Track the expected packages automatically.
  • Customize email and text alerts.
  • See the images of the incoming letters (mail).
  • Provide their mail carrier with delivery instructions.
us postal service tracking number

US Postal service tracking

US postal service tracking number format

Typically, it depends on the type of service used. For priority mail and regular delivery, the sample consists of 18 numbers and starts with 9. In case of Global Express hipping, there will be a 10-digit number (priority express international number will start and finish with two letters). Regular priority international orders contain nine numbers and letters). More information about tracking number samples can be found on the website.

How to find US postal service tracking numbers?

The tracking number is impossible to lose, because it’s provided in:

  • The post office shipping receipt.
  • The sales receipt, if insurance has been bought.
  • Email confirmation from the carrier
  • The shipping confirmation email sent by an online retailer.

Therefore, a user has US postal service tracking numbers in both physical and virtual form, so they can be used any time to track orders.

us postal service tracking number

US Postal service tracking number

Tracking US postal service parcel

There are several ways a customer can track their shipments. The easiest method is to open the official USPS website and find ‘Track & Manage’ section in the main menu. Do the following:

  • step 1

    Click to proceed to the ‘Tracking’ section.

  • step 2

    Enter the tracking number for US postal service. Up to 35 numbers can be pasted.

  • step 3

    You will see the details of the shipping process: its current status, due date, pickup office, possible delays and reasons for that.

Tracking can also be done in the personal account – a user needs to log in and proceed to the tracking section or orders. Besides, the customer can change the delivery date and destination before the parcel left the post office.

Your parcels can be tracked with the help of third-party services, such as Only the tracking number is required for that.

Want to figure out the location of your parcel on the go? Use the company’s mobile application: it gives user the access to parcel management options, and allows tracking shipments in a matter of a few clicks.

tracking us postal service

US Postal services tracking

Advantages of US postal service tracking

What makes its services highly recommendable for customers?

First, the company has over 31,000 retail locations, so customers can easily find the nearest post office to receive their parcels within the shortest time possible. USPS has a large staff of thousands of employees, which makes up for fast and high-quality delivery.

Secondly, the carrier has a well-developed transportation system starting from trucks and finishing by aircrafts and trains. No matter where the parcels are shipped to, customers enjoy excellent www US postal service tracking.

us postal service tracking numbers

US Postal service package tracking

Thirdly, advanced shipment management software makes this carrier a perfect solution for individual customers and businesses. It sets the standards for the carriers all over the globe.

Tracking service at is the simplest and fastest way to learn whereabouts of your parcel. Use it on your PC, laptop, or mobile phone – you can get necessary information within a few seconds.

USPS tracking
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