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Unites States Postal Service Tracking

Those of you, who have visited our site for the first time, might be wondering what’s going on in here. Well, the one thing you should know is that we’re all about tracking. was created to help you track the parcels you sent with various delivery companies from all over the world. But, since your internet surfing ended up on this particular page, it could mean one thing. We suppose that it is United States postal services tracking you’re interested in. And you’ve definitely come to the right place to get your parcel tracked.

How is United States Post Office tracking done?

united states parcel service tracking

united states postal service tracking

Being one of the most popular online-services, parcel tracking is the easiest and most common tool for monitoring and managing your deliveries. During the last years even the smallest delivery companies have successfully implemented it into their every-day work routine, let alone the national postal carrier of one of the most technologically developed countries. That’s why if you are in need of United States Post Office package tracking there’s no need to go above and beyond. All you need is a valid parcel number and any device with stable internet connection. You can easily track your package at carrier’s official website, or, in case you want it to be fast and low on traffic, you can use some help from our website. The procedure is simple:

  • step 1

    Visit using your computer, smartphone or tablet;

  • step 2

    Enter your United States Post Office tracking number into the required field;

  • step 3

    Click on ‘track’ button and wait for up to 40 seconds for your results to be prepared.

How to interpret United States Postal tracking results?

united states post office tracking number

united states post office tracking

Usually, the results you get while tracking show the history of stages your parcel has gone through during the delivery. You’ll be shown the date, location and delivery status. Those are usually simple and indicate that the parcel is in transition, or is processed at one of company’s facilities. For international parcels they can also indicate that parcel is undergoing custom clearance procedures. Some of the United States Mail tracking statuses might indicate that your parcel is being held at customs until you pay the necessary fees, or at delivery office awaiting your instructions. In most cases, if delivery process requires your assistance, you’ll get the notification appear in your tracking results.

How to contact United States Postal Service tracking Customer Service?

There are some situations during delivery that might make you want to get professional assistance. So if you’ve been notified about difficulties with your parcel in United States Postal Service package tracking results, or your delivery status does not change for a significant amount of time, do not hesitate to call customer support line 1-800-275-8777. They can provide assistance if you want to claim misdelivery or lost parcel, arrange delivery or pickup for a parcel, get your item through customs, and lots of other questions that might rise during the process.

What is the format of United States Postal Service tracking number?

united states postal tracking number

united states postal service tracking number

Since the id number of the package is the only thing required for tracking, it is extremely important to keep it until the delivery is successfully over. You can find it on the postal receipt or a confirmation letter from the carrier. Depending on the type of delivery the format of the number may vary for United States Postal Service tracking international and domestic services. Domestic ones are solely numeric and usually include 22 digits, the format of international id is AA123456789US. If your parcel is coming from overseas, the letters in the end of the number would be different. Tracking number is the only thing that might help you get any info about your parcel from the database. On our website you cannot use names, or addresses, or phone numbers to track delivery.

So if you’re searching for the best United States Postal Service tracking system there’s no need to keep looking any further, as you’ve found yourself a pure treasure of tracking sites. is your loyal and diligent helper in managing your deliveries.

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