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USPS Track

So, you have an item dispatched with USPS, what next? For some people, the answer might seem obvious – you just rely on the carrier and wait for the parcel patiently. When it comes to this particular carrier we can assure you that your trust will not be deceived. Nevertheless, us, the proud worrywarts, we always need to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

If you too are not ready to just let it go; if you want to watch your parcel's every step during the delivery; if you're afraid to find your parcel held by your neighbor or your roommate, because you were not there in time for delivery, then you have to admit it. Say to yourself “I want to track a USPS package” and then our website will be able to offer you an easy 3-step program, advising how to get rid of all the worries about your dispatch. In the piece of text below we’ll try to guide you through the whole process of using our website, outlining the aspects you should consider to get the results you want. Now, shall we start?

How to Track a Package USPS and Influence Delivery

  • step 1

    Using your PC, laptop or any mobile device with internet access, you enter Not only is the site mobile-friendly, thanks to our team’s never-ending work it also maintains high operational speed and low traffic consumption, which makes it easily accessible for your cell-phone or tablet without downloading any unnecessary applications.

    track usps

    track usps package

  • step 2

    At this step, system requires some information from you. Webpage will ask you to fill the required field with your USPS track number and press the “Track” button.

    usps track

    track usps

  • step 3

    After a couple of seconds, needed for our system to gather the requested info from the database, you’ll receive the results. Please, check them carefully, as not only do they tell you current location and status of the parcel, but also notify you if there’re problems with delivery, caused by, for example: delays in customs clearance, weather conditions, unsuccessful delivery attempts, or other.

So, if you track a shipment USPS on our website, and get the results implying that you might have a problem with your parcel, please, do not hesitate to take immediate actions in order to assist the delivery. In most cases, the problem can be solved by you contacting company’s customer support at their official website or on the phone, and asking for guidance. They’ll advise you the most effective way to deal with each particular situation.

Going back to Step 2, we’d like to pay some additional attention to the mentioned parcel number, required to track a package USPS.

Art of Tracking number

The key to the treasure trove of tracking results is hidden in your parcel number. But not only does it give you an access to your parcel’s status archive in the database, it is also a code, in which all the information about the parcel is encrypted, including the type of service sender chose for delivery. To track USPS registered, priority, certified, express mail dispatched to domestic locations, your number should consist of twenty two digits, starting with 9. For guaranteed express mail worldwide your number will include ten digits, starting with 82.

If your parcel was dispatched as international mail its track-number will comprises of 13 symbols with 2 letters at the beginning, 9 digits and letters US at the end. The starting letter of the number you use to track international package USPS can also reveal some secrets about the type of parcel. Like, for example, EC goes for priority express, CP − for priority mail, anything starting with U means, that your item was dispatched as unregistered and will not receive any status updates outside the US.

usps track package

usps track a package

You can find the number in the shipping receipt, shipping confirmation e-mail if the parcel was sent from online retailer, e-mail confirmation if the sender registered parcel at company’s official website before sending. If the sender does not provide you parcel number, or the number looks nothing like the description above, ask them for a copy of any of these documents to confirm the dispatch.

Little Known Fact About Well Known Problem

From time to time we do receive questions like “I lost/forgot/do not have a tracking number. Can I track USPS package by name?”. And let’s make it clear, we are totally not opposed to the idea of sender giving parcel a name. Though, if you do give it a name, it would be harder to let it go when the time comes. But unfortunately, even if we do say “Yes” to using the given name for identifying each particular parcel in the system, computer still says No. Therefore, in order to obtain adequate information we strongly recommend using your parcel number.

The team of sincerely hopes that the small review above did help you defeat your worries. So just relax and let us or USPS track your package for you. Regardless of which site you choose for tracking, us or carrier’s official page, we wish you the best of luck with your deliveries!

USPS tracking
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