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On you can frequently find the advice to contact company’s support at their official website. And we’d like to dedicate this small article to describing you the possibilities the official site can offer. As always, if you need your tracking site to be fast, mobile-friendly and low on traffic usage, k2track might suit you perfectly, but if you have any problems with your delivery, or would like to express your opinion to the carrier personally, then will be the best solution for you. In the following part we’ll try to answer the questions one might have about different aspects of using the mentioned sites.

usps com tracking

www usps com tracking

What are the main advantages of carrier’s official website?

First of all, it gives you an access to all the company’s services. Though our site is ready to provide you unlimited possibilities to track your domestic or international mail, company’s website can help you with

  • calculating a price of delivery,
  • finding your nearest pickup location,
  • scheduling pickup or delivery,
  • renting a PO box,
  • changing delivery address,
  • tons of other options.

To make all these things easier you can use, where you can create a personal account to manage your deliveries, and receive the most urgent notifications on your smartphone, tablet or computer about parcel’s progress.

www usps com tracking

usps com usps tracking

And even if you don’t have personal account, using their website, you can easily contact company’s customer support via online claim form. Since the company strives to be as convenient as possible for use by all the US residents, en español is available for Spanish-speaking users, and the Chinese version of the site is now available to make tracking of international parcels more convenient.

Okay, but what about tracking?

What if you do not want to create an account, using your personal confidential information, in order to get notifications? Do not worry, rushes to the rescue! Someone might tell you that with USA has nothing better to offer, but we do have, and will eagerly share. Tracking your parcel has never been simpler. You just enter your parcel number in the required field, press “track” button, and enjoy the results without any unnecessary information.

usps com

usps com tracking number

Where do I get my tracking number?

That solely depends on whether you’re sender or recipient of the parcel. If you are dispatching mail, you can find your tracking number printed in the shipping receipt, or if prior to sending you register parcel at tracking number will be sent to you in confirmation letter. If you are awaiting parcel from individual sender, you can ask them for a copy of postal receipt to get your parcel number. If the parcel was sent to you by online retailer, you can get your number from shipping confirmation letter. When you buy stuff online and request postal delivery, please, check the tracking number carefully. Always keep in mind, that for domestic deliveries your number includes 22 digits, while for international ones the number will include both letters and digits, 13 characters in total (for example EA123456789US). If you cannot track your parcel with the number you got from the sender, contact them to confirm number or file a complaint.

usps com usps tracking

usps com

Can I track a parcel, coming from another country, with USPS?

With tracking international mail is possible regardless of the country of origin. As soon as a parcel is registered at customs in the US, it starts receiving status updates in the database. But what if your parcel was not yet registered? In this case can assist you. Our site provides tracking for different postal carriers from all over the world, so if your parcel cannot be tracked in destination country yet, you can check if its status is updated by postal carrier of the originating country without having to go to another site. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

So, while managing your mail becomes easier with tracking your international mail can be much more convenient with And no matter which one you choose for tracking, we wish you best of luck with your deliveries!

USPS tracking
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