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USPS Priority Mail

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Attention, customers! This is your parcel tracking provider Captain speaking. Welcome aboard USPS priority mail tracking from the US to anywhere in the world. It's time to bust this coney y'all. In a hot second, we'll be hitting them switches and getting this database pumping and jumping. So recall your parcel number, don’t be nervous and enjoy the service.

The benefits of being in Priority mail club

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Admit it: you’ve thought about it before. Want to join the exclusive club next time you're sending a parcel? ... There’re reasons this club sounds like an exclusive private members’ club, but unlike most of them it’s not a hard feat to accomplish. As you may have guessed, US priority mail has its advantages:

  • Your parcel will be picked up at your home or office for free;
  • Delivery only takes 1-3 business days;
  • The cost of delivery includes up to $50 of insurance for most of your shipments;
  • No extra charges for delivery on Saturday, or delivery to residential or rural areas;
  • Your parcel receives Priority mail tracking even for the items bought online;
  • The price of delivery is based on weight of our parcel and destination area.

Are USPS priority mail international deliveries an option?

You can enjoy all the advantages of this delivery option not only for your domestic parcels but also if you’re sending to one of 190 other countries. They’ve introduced a range of flat rate boxes and envelopes for international shipping, using which you no longer have to calculate the price of delivery for each parcel. You have to pay one rate, which is calculated for each destination country. The only difference with domestic one is that international priority shipping takes about 5-6 days. For these deliveries you can as well keep an eye on your parcel at every step of the way.

Do they serve US priority mail tracking?

Why of course they do! And tracking is a dish best served at . When your parcel is registered for delivery at carrier’s website, or sent at one of postal offices, it is assigned with a unique id that can be later used for USPS priority mail international tracking, or domestic one for that matter. Get your item’s number from the sender, or find it in your confirmation letter from online-retailer and you’re fully-equipped to spy on that baby, use satellite, infrared to see it move through the night.

How to track priority mail?

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Well, we can give it to you when you need to be informed. It’s extremely simple to track priority mail at regardless of any circumstances. All you have to do is follow these easy steps:

  • step 1

    Visit our website and choose your carrier among those on the main page;

  • step 2

    Enter your parcel number into the required field;

  • step 3

    Click on ‘track’ button and wait for a couple of seconds until your results are prepared (meanwhile no annoying on hold music will be played).

You’ll receive a brief summary; if any additional info is needed you can click on ‘show detailed parcel’s movement’ beneath your priority tracking summary and enjoy the most detailed report on the steps your parcel went through.

What does the number for tracking priority mail look like?

This particular postal carrier is well-known not only for its perfect service, but also for the number of different parcel number formats it assigns the deliveries with. You can easily distinguish one delivery option from another based solely on the tracking number. Your USPS priority mail tracking number depending on whether it’s an international or domestic one will usually look like CP123456789US or 9205 5111 1111 1111 1111 11 respectively. Be sure to enter your parcel id correctly if you wat to get adequate results. Always remember that if you are sure that the number you’re entering is the correct one, but you still cannot get the results, contact company’s customer support as this situation might indicate serious problems with your delivery.

If you’ve decided to send your parcel with USPS tracking priority mail would be a piece of cake with your fast, mobile-friendly and easy-to-handle tracking assistant.

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