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US Post Office Tracking

us post office tracking package

us post office tracking

Whether we know it or not, each of us tracks their parcels governed by a unified code of conduct. Some call it intuition. Others call it algorithm. We call it “the Tracking Code”. For years men have attempted to follow this code with no universal understanding of what such an arrangement meant: Is it okay to track without parcel number?* If someone sent me a parcel two hours ago, should I try tracking it already?** Can US Post Office tracking be done using my dog’s name, my sister’s home address, my mom’s birthdate instead of parcel number?*** (*Never. **Nope. *** Dude. Come on.)

Now for the first time on our site, we have recorded the rules of social decorum that mankind has practiced since the dawn of online tracking… definitely not before.

What is a US Post Office tracking service?

You’ve probably seen the word “Tracking” used liberally at your favorite online-retailer websites. Perhaps you’ve seen it recklessly tossed out when actually you can only check your delivery status on selling website itself. But an important distinction must be drawn: just because a parcel can be checked at some website, doesn’t mean that is US Post Office tracking service.

Can only official carrier’s website considered as the valid service for checking on your parcel? It doesn’t need to be a carrier’s website, provided that third-party site gets you valid up-to-date info about your parcel, like This site should provide tracking for all your parcels sent with the particular carrier and assigned with a correct parcel number.

The origins of United State Post Office tracking

usa post office tracking

us post office

While the story of Tracking Code is not nearly as simple and elegant as God handing down some stone tablets to tracking sites, its origins weave all the way back to the dawn of postal services. In the beginning there was no United State Post Office tracking… which was unfortunate for the world’s first parcel recipients. Lacking a tool to keep an eye on delivery progress they had to wait months for their mail, worrying sick about their parcels. They say it was one of the main causes for most of epidemics in history.

Hundreds of years later, when Internet became a thing and most of us were able to lay our hands on computers and smartphones, someone, whose name should not be mentioned, created an official tool for US post office tracking along with company’s official website. While the original tool is perfectly useful, some started doubting its commodity, as company’s website grew large and traffic-consuming over the past years. That’s when we took the stage, providing you access to your delivery statuses fast, mobile-friendly and low on traffic with our best creation yet –

How to use USPS post office tracking at

us post office tracking number

united state post office tracking

If you’ve decided to use our website service for checking on your delivery, the only thing you’ll need to do that is your parcel number, to which we shall return below. Now try to memorize and follow these easy steps to successful USPS post office tracking:

  • step 1

    Visit and choose your carrier from the list on the main page;

  • step 2

    Enter your parcel number into the required field and click on ‘track’ button;

  • step 3

    Wait for 30-40 seconds while your results are being downloaded from the database.

You can check the latest status update, which is displayed on the results page, or click on the button below the results to open full history of your parcel’s statuses.

What is US Post Office tracking number?

From the previous paragraph you should know, that this number is an essential part of tracking process. Your US Post Office tracking number can be found on your shipping receipt and is a sole valid id for your parcel during the whole delivery process. It is used for tracking or if you need to manage your delivery online or by calling carrier’s customer support. For domestic deliveries it is usually numeric and includes 22 digits, for international deliveries its format would be AA123456789US.

The rules of tracking your US post office delivery

  • Checking before tracking. Always carefully type in your parcel number when your track your US post office delivery;
  • A customer is always entitled to contact customer support at carrier’s official website or on the phone, as long as tracking results show the problem with their delivery;
  • If customer wants to track a parcel, they must wait for at least 12 hours from the moment of parcel’s dispatch. The info is never uploaded instantly. Sometimes it’s a must to wait for a bit. It’s also good to remember, that if your delivery status is not updated for over 7 days you should act according to the rule number 2 of this list;
  • Should a customer ever need US Post Office package tracking, they shall always remember that is their best tracking assistant always ready to provide all the necessary info and support.
USPS tracking
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