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Tools USPS

https tools usps com go trackconfirmaction

Tools USPS

Established 47 years ago, the United States national postal operator offers a variety of online services and these are the most popular online services offered by the Pioneer Mailing service in the United States.

Below you can find a brief description of all online tools listed on company’s website under the quick tool category and how they work.

How to use USPS tracking tool

tools usps com go trackconfirmaction

usps tracking tool

This is one of the most in-demand tools that helps you to track your domestic mail and packages.

It also applies to most international packages except for the ones destined to restricted areas; plus the tracking tool is free and is activated once you pay for the package you want to mail.

You can get information such as package location, time and date when the parcel was registered at sorting facility, but does not guarantee delivery.

You can use the tracking feature at USPS website or visit to check on your parcel. The ability to track your item is, however, dependent on the class of mails purchased.

Informed Delivery and other USPS tools

This feature allows you to digitally view your mail before physically getting it in your mailbox. It allows you to preview the mail in greyscale and shows you the exterior of the package as well as the address side of the mail. You can either receive the images as mail notification or view them at carrier’s official website. For the letters, the images of mail are available for 7 days on the dashboard while images of packages are available for 15 days. Talking about tools USPS tracking is not the only useful one for organizing your mail, here are some honorable mentions:

Find Locations

This tool helps mailers to find post offices, postal services, and approved postal providers. You can navigate through the tool by refining your search criteria using location, service, or Zip Code and get the nearest service or post office around your location.

Buy Stamps

With this option, you are offered to choose from a variety of stamps. There are six different kinds of stamps on the website and you can search for your desired stamp using search by various criteria such as denomination, theme, size, format, shape, issue year and quantity.

Schedule a pickup

This tool is all about picking up outgoing mail. It allows users to decide what day and time the package should be picked up at. The schedule a pickup tool has three options for different packages which include the Pickup on Demand service, Package Pickup service, and the collection service.

Additional online tools for USPS customers

Calculate a price

This tool is also available at and allows users to calculate the cost of shipping based on the location, content of the mail, Shape & Size and transportation type. With this tool, users can decide which of the shipping options is cost effective.

Look Up a Zip Code

This tool allows users to find the Zip code of mails based on a certain address, city or state.

Hold Mail Service

This is one of the tools this company provides for users who would not be available at time of delivery to request the carrier to hold their mail. For users who want to use this tool, they need to notify the company 30 days in advance and fill a form.

Change my address

This is for users who want to change the location where they are to receive their mail. To do this, they need provide a valid email address as well as a debit card or credit info for the $1 charge.

Rent/Renew a P.O Box

This tool allows the user to rent a new P.O box or renew their existing P.O Box. For security and privacy reasons, it is advisable to get a P.O Box for receiving your mail.

Free Boxes

With this tool, users get access to free packaging boxes of different shapes and sizes to ensure their packages safety during delivery. Users can choose from the collection of Boxes and use the filter feature to find their desired kind of box.

USPS tracking
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