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United States Postal Service

united states postal

United States Postal Service

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘American’? Try to reflect on the American heritage, images of baseball, the Statue of Liberty, bald eagles, and perhaps most often, apple pie, would immediately come to mind. But try looking closely and even the most wide-known quintessential American product may be an apt metaphor after all - it was brought here from foreign shores, was influenced by other cultures and immigration patterns, and spread throughout the world by global affairs. But there’s always one thing, that remains purely American and that’s United States Parcel Service. Since the day it was created until now they are constantly evolving, introducing new technologies and technics, while staying true to the basics on which the company was built. And that’s quality, honesty and loyalty.

The advantages of United States Postal Services

united states postal service

United States Postal Services

Being the designated postal operator of the US, this company provides domestic and international postal services managing authorized classes of mail, specialized mailing services. For that reason they operate a number of United States postal facilities across the country, used for logistics and customer services purposes. They also sell postal packaging, philatelic materials and mailing supplies.

As for mail and shipping services, you’ve got an extensive list to choose from:

Priority express offers you guaranteed overnight delivery for your domestic mail. It’s a bit pricey, but perfect for time-sensitive sending, as this kind of service is available 7 days a week. You can order delivery online or at local United States Post Office.

  • Priority regular is medium-priced service that offers 1-3 days delivery to most locations across the US, depending on starting point and destination address.
  • First-class mail is for standard-sized envelopes and small parcels that are to be delivered in 1-3 business days for an affordable price.
  • Retail ground service is a perfect way to send oversized less-then-urgent packages that will be delivered in 2-8 business days; you’ll most certainly find the price quite reasonable.
  • Media mail is the right choice for those wanting to cost-effectively send educational or media materials: books, video and audio recordings on different carriers, various printed materials.

And if you want to track a package United States Postal Service includes this option to all the above mentioned services for your convenience.

United States Postal Service track a package

united states postal

United States Postal Service track a package

This solution is for those of you, who are worried about their valuable items being trusted to postal companies. You can check on the progress of your delivery at any time to make sure everything’s going according to plan. It concerns all domestic and most international mail, except for the items with tracking numbers starting with letter U. You can choose United States Postal Service track at company’s official website, mobile application, or at third-party sites, such as We offer you fast and accurate tracking with the website, that’s low on traffic, mobile-friendly, does not require you to create personal account or enter any of the confidential information, besides, unlike most postal companies’ websites the navigation on our site is extremely easy for most visitors.

United States Postal Service track my package at

Tracking on our site can be done in three simple steps:

  • step 1

    Go to and choose USPS the United States Postal Service US Postal or whatever else you might call it among the list of operators. We do not rely on the name of the company; you can just click on the logo which is very identifiable.

  • step 2

    Enter your tracking number into the required field (the site will give you tips). Please, remember to always check your number carefully before entering, as this is the key element of the whole process.

  • step 3

    Click on ‘track’ button and wait about 30-40 seconds while your results are being prepared. You’ll be shown the latest status update for your parcel. If you want to see the full history of delivery, click on the button below your results.

So if you’ve chose to use one of the services of United States Post Office track a package with and rest assured that your item is being delivered safe and sound.

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