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US Postal Tracking

us postal service tracking number

US Postal service tracking

Do you trust your postal carrier? Do you trust them enough to mail something you love the most, your kid maybe? While you might think that’s crazy, we know of the one carrier the parents already have trusted with their children. In the early 20th century, the Post Office expanded allowing you to send anything under 11 pounds via Parcel Post. And parents of 8-month-old James Beagle and 4-year-old Charlotte May Pierstorff took advantage of this innovation and mailed the kids to their grandparents’ houses. And they didn’t even have US postal tracking service then to keep an eye on such important deliveries. But not to worry, at least the boy’s parents insured him for $50.

And if this heart-melting story does not inspire you to trust your postal carrier more (even though both tads arrived to destination safe and sound), we can offer you something that might just put your mind at ease. US postal office tracking at Now you can keep an eye on your parcel no matter how valuable its content is.

How is US postal mail tracking done?

tracking us postal service

US Postal service package tracking

If you’re planning on sending anything, literally anything, our website humbly offers you tracking your parcel during its delivery all the way down to its destination. We don’t ask unnecessary questions, we just track it. If you’re wondering, how you can do US postal package tracking here, we’re glad to offer a step-to-step guide just for you:

  • step 1


  • step 2

    enter your parcel number into the input field;

  • step 3

    click on ‘track’ button;

  • step 3

    try to solve Rubik’s cube in 30 seconds while you’re waiting for your results.

Where does one find US postal tracking number?

us postal service tracking

US Postal service tracking number

When you dispatch a parcel at local office, or order delivery online, postal company assigns your item with a unique number, used to identify it in the database. So your US postal tracking numbers can be found on postal receipts, email confirmations from the company if you register the parcel online, or you can get one from the sender in case you are awaiting parcel, not sending it. Depending on the type of delivery, numbers can vary. For domestic deliveries it will be numerical and include 22 digits, for international parcels the format of parcel id is AA123456789US. Please, keep in mind that for parcel numbers that start with letter “U” US postal svc tracking is only possible until the item leaves the US. Outside the country it’ll not receive any status updates.

US postal shipping tracking gone wrong?

Sometimes even such an easy thing as parcel tracking goes off-track. There might be several reasons for that. The most common one is that you’re entering incorrect parcel number, that’s why it is a must to carefully check the number you’re typing in, as your number is the only key to get any info from US postal tracking system. From time to time, the system has to undergo maintenance which might cause our website to suspend its work for some 3-4 hours, and then you’ll be able to check parcel status again later. Occasionally you might find out that your delivery status was not updated for a couple of days, which could easily mean that your item is stuck at one of sorting facilities. That’s when the time is right to call customer support.

US postal tracking customer service and how to contact them

If parcel tracking did not bring you the results you were able to anticipate, you might need a professional help. If you’ve dispatched something with US postal tracking package is possible with but we cannot influence the delivery process in any way. But you can always contact customer support on 1-800-275-8777 or send them an email inquiry at to solve any kind of problem with your parcel delivery.

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