USPS passport appointment

usps passport appointment

usps passport appointment online

It is not a secret for most of us that currently, the US national postal operator provides all kinds of services apart from mail delivery.

One of those services is USPS passport appointment; so now you can lodge your first-time passport applications, take your passport photo and buy lots of different products and services not only for the first time but also for renewal applications.

But of course, not all the company’s post offices can offer you all of those. You’ll have to use a special locator to find US passport appointment USPS location. It can be done at the carrier’s official website at by setting ‘locations type’ as ‘passport’. Search for a convenient location in your area and schedule your appointment with them to successfully create or renew your passport.

How to arrange passport appointment USPS?

us passport appointment usps

schedule passport appointment usps online

As it usually is with the post office, there are three ways to do almost anything, including passport appointment USPS holds: you can visit the office offering the said kind of service, call company’s customer support, or do it online at company’s official website.

The first one is probably the most reliable, as if you schedule your appointment directly with the office, you’ll be able to talk through all the possible questions with the representative and be ready for the meeting itself.

If there is no time to visit USPS make appointment for passport on the phone or online to save yourself time and effort. The procedure for both ways only requires you to have your smartphone and stable network connection.

How to schedule USPS passport appointment online

This is the most preferable way to book your appointment with the company’s representative concerning these questions. In order to schedule USPS passport appointment online you’ll have to go through a couple of steps:

  • visit USPS website using any device that has access to the internet;
  • fill in the contact form you’ll find there (it mostly requires the name of the post office you want your appointment to be held at, time and date, and some of your contact details);
  • wait for the company’s employee to contact you about your USPS passport appointment.

Doing it online is undoubtedly the simplest and most effortless way to get things done with your passport application.

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