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If you need to make a US passport for the first time or renew the old one, there’s no need to go far: you can organize everything in USPS offices. Learn more about USPS passport service: how to apply, how the company helps, and so on.

Which USPS passport services are provided?

Customers of USPS can make a passport for the first time or renew it without visiting The U.S. State Department directly – the postal company serves as the intermediary and will do everything for you. So, which USPS passport services are offered?

  • First-time passports (can be made via email or by visiting the office personally).
  • Renewal of passports via email.
  • Express passport making (2-3 weeks).
  • Passports for children under 16.

So, how to make a passport in USPS? First, you should gather all the documents (the full list is also present on the USPS website :

  • Document proving payment of passport fees;
  • USPS passport form for application (not signed);
  • A document proving the identity document and a photocopy of the front and back;
  • A document proving U.S. Citizenship and a photocopy of the front and back;
  • Photograph for a passport (many postal offices can take your photo, but we recommend calling in advance to find out whether the exact office makes photos).

Aside from US passport USPS applications, don’t forget to fill the Form DS-11 Application for U.S. Passport – it can be found on the State Department website. Do not sign the form – it will be made by a postal office representative.

USPS passport cost

When you register the application, you should pay passport fees – they can vary according to the type of service requested. You can calculate USPS passport cost using the official website. So, how much does it cost?

  • First, you should pay application fees: $35 is Post Office acceptance fee, and $15 is Post Office acceptance fee (if you take photos in USPS office);
  • Application processing fees can vary, and you can use the calculation tool online. Keep in mind that this fee can be paid with debit/credit cards, checks, and so on.

How to know USPS passport hours?

usps passport hours

usps passport prices

To find out about USPS passport hours, you should check the business hours of the post office that works with passports. It can be done online.

  • Visit the official USPS website;
  • Proceed to ‘Find USPS locations’;
  • Enter your address or ZIP code;
  • Choose the mileage range (how far the office will be);
  • In Locations panel, select the ‘Passport’ option.
  • Click ‘Search’ and check out the accessible locations.

When you click on a USPS passport location, you will see the business hours and time when applications are accepted/processed. Every office might have its own business hours, so make sure to check this in advance.

Express passport service – is it possible?

If you leave within 2-3 weeks, you can opt for express passport issuance via USPS. For this, you should gather the same set of documents. In case of express issuance, USPS passport prices are $60 higher – add this sum to the processing fee. You can also purchase express delivery of documents for $16.48 (paid for the US Department of State).

If you leave less than within 2 weeks, you should better apply via Department of State passport agency directly. You can make an appointment online or by calling 1-877-487-2778.

If you plan to travel and have no time to deal with the U.S. Department of State passport agency, the postal service companies are the best way out. Use the service of USPS: apply for passport and your documents will be made in a timely manner. You can always accelerate the process by using express delivery services.

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