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usps change of address

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Are you preparing for a big move? Ready to take off to another state, another city or simply moving a couple of blocks away from where you used to be staying? Chances are USPS change of address is what you’ll need in the nearest future so that your mail won’t be lost or mistakenly delivered to the new tenants of your previous home. Even though updating your personal info is extremely important for postal company to be able to address your mail correctly, it is an extremely simple procedure. With USPS change of address online it will only take a couple of minutes and a couple of dollars to ensure that all your important packages and letters arrive safely to their addressee.

How to change address with USPS?

usps change delivery address

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If you’ve finally decided to proceed with the change, the simplest way to do that would be by filling in the online form at carrier’s official website. Just google up how to change address with USPS, or visit the website tracking and managing section. The website itself will guide you through the whole process, but don’t forget to check the rules and conditions, as they include some important info on the privacy of your personal info and payment methods. In case you provide all the necessary info and there is no problem with payment, USPS change delivery address will be confirmed and proceeded with in no time allowing you to receive all your mail to the new location as soon as possible.

USPS change of address form

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usps postal address change

Now let’s pay some more attention to the procedure and focus on some details. Before you start with filling in the form, make sure you have a valid e-mail address and a valid bank card to pay for the formalities. Then you can start working with USPS change of address form, which is actually quite simple. First you have to choose if you are moving as an individual, a family or a business, pay attention to the description of each option as there are some important details for all the three choices. Then you’ll be requested to provide your full name, email address, phone number and the address you’re moving from. The next steps of the quest called USPS change my address you’ll have to provide your new address, confirm your identity and pay the service fee. All of that usually takes up to 15 minutes if you come prepared and have all the necessary info at your hand.

USPS change of address cost

According to the official information from the carrier, the cost stays the same for quite some time already and they try to keep is as low as possible. So as of today USPS change of address cost is $1.05 that will be charged from your bank account as one of the steps of online address modifying procedure.

USPS change of address not working, what to do?

At times you are applying for an online change of address, you fill the form with all the correct information, but it is all in vain. That is when you start wondering what one is supposed to do with USPS change of address not working. First of all, the reason it usually happens is that the company does have a mechanism of protecting customers against unauthorized address changes. After you’ve submitted an online request, please wait until you receive a move validation letter from the company advising you on your next step. In case you’ve never received one and suspect USPS cancel change of address for you, please, contact customer support line or your local PO to use other options to submit your request again.

Is USPS temporary change of address possible?

If you are not planning to spend too long at your new address, and only need the postal company to redirect your mail to you for a short time, like a couple of months, there is always a possibility to apply for USPS temporary change of address. The procedure is the same as for a long-term or permanent change, only you mention in your online application form the term redirection of your mail should be in motion. The same goes if you are forwarding your request on the phone or directly at your local postal service provider office, as all three ways to apply for USPS change of address are perfectly valid.

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