USPS postage calculator

usps postage calculator

usps calculator

One of the most important things when planning to send a parcel or deciding which carrier company you should choose is how much the delivery will cost you. With USPS postage calculator you can get all the information you need to plan and manage your deliveries moneywise. You can calculate prices for any sort of mail from postcards to bulky parcels online, and it will only take a couple of minutes of your time.

This feature might be quite useful for business owners or entrepreneurs who are regularly mailing goods to their customers, but in case you are planning to send personal stuff, it might also come in handy. With USPS postage calculator letter or parcel, you’ll be able to calculate postage costs for anything before ordering a delivery online or visiting local PO to post an item.

How to use USPS postage calculator by weight?

usps postage stamp calculator

usps calculate postage by weight

In order to calculate postage costs, all one should do is go to USPS official website using a computer or mobile device. Fill in the form with some basic information about your parcel, like zip codes for starting point and destination, type of the item you’re sending if it is something unusual or hazardous.

There is no such option as USPS calculate postage by weight, because the price also depends a lot on the size and shape of your parcel, so that is the option to choose when filling in the form.

Is there USPS postage stamp calculator?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing available at carrier’s official website. The price of your letter usually depends on its weight and can be calculated manually based on the current delivery rates.

Without USPS postage stamp calculator you can calculate the price for flat rate envelope deliveries using the abovementioned website, but it usually only shows you the results for either priority or two-day delivery which might be irrelevant if the letter you send is not urgent.

In order to confirm the price for your letters (whether you have used USPS postage calculator or not), it might be best to visit your local PO to consult with the employees, they’ll provide you with information about the most recent changes in delivery rates.

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