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For the shipping process to be successful, you need to make sure that the right address is specified. With the help of USPS address checker, you can always be sure no mistakes are made. How does this tool help, and where you can get it? This post is here to guide you.

Why it’s essential to check a USPS address?

When you order some shipping services, you must check the accuracy of ZIP code and address. Why do that?

  • First, the price of the delivery depends on the distance that parcel has to travel. Specify the correct USPS address if you want the cost of delivery be fair.
  • A lot of US residents move and change addresses, so if you moved, make sure that parcel will be shipped to and from your current location.
  • The risk of human mistake is always present. Besides, there is a risk that next time when you choose auto filling, the previous address will be chosen instead of the one you really need to specify.

It is also critical to use the correct USPS address format. Usually, customers print out labels or fill in the forms – it’s easy and intuitive. If you are going to write the address on a box without a form, check it on USPS website.

USPS address validation

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usps address format

How to make sure that you use the right address? You can check it on USPS website: it will compare the entered address with previously used ones. Use USPS address validation tool: specify the address and press Validate.

By the way, you can check a lot of information using the whole gamut of checkers and tools from USPS: on this page, you can verify the following:

  • address list accuracy;
  • certificates and licences of postal services;
  • references;
  • and so on.

Thus, USPS address checker helps customers to keep the information up-to-date.

Other recommendations

Sometimes a receiver provides address but doesn’t specify their ZIP code. How to define it? There’s the entire section which dedicated to detection of ZIP codes: it allows you defining the code using the full address or street.

If you are going to move, or already moved to another location, you can specify the new address in your account. Visit the USPS update address page, and specify the new address. It will help you to avoid mistakes in the future.

Cannot find the exact address? You are free to USPS address search – it’s also available on USPS website. Once you make sure the information is correctly specified, feel free to use the postal services. USPS makes it simple as never before.

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