USPS Postage Rates

usps postage rates

usps postage rates large envelope

To roughly estimate mailing price for your deliveries you can turn to USPS postage rates. They indicate the starting point for most domestic and international delivery prices.

It works best for postcards or envelopes (all standard-sized, rectangular, unusually-shaped or oversized ones), since for a parcels prices depend on a number of different factors, whereas for envelopes they are just USPS postage rates by weight and can be calculated without any additional procedures for all kinds of deliveries for both business and private customers.

How to check USPS envelope postage rates?

usps envelope postage rates

usps postage rate change

That can be done easily online at the carrier company’s website. In order to check out all the current rates, you should visit USPS page where one can find USPS envelope postage rates (or which stamps you should use for mailing different envelopes) for first-class, priority international or domestic and other possible delivery services.

Alternatively, you can download price-lists for the services you’re particularly interested in, to have offline access to info at all times. And do not worry, USPS postage rate change usually only happens once a year and company notify about it at their official website.

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