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usps locations

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Need to get or send a bundle in one of USPS locations? Luckily, USPS is one of the best postal providers in the US that runs a colossal number of workplaces throughout the country. No matter in which state or city you live, you are likely to have a USPS office close-by. Aside from having a large number of exclusive stores, USPS allows partners open locations by the franchise, that’s why there are so many offices.

How to find USPS locations?

usps locations and hours

usps facility locations

You can find USPS locations using the official USPS website. The process is quick and easy. Here’s what you should do:

  • Visit the official USPS website;
  • Go to ‘Quick Tools’ and ‘Find Locations’ section;
  • Enter the search criteria, such as a ZIP code, or your state or city. You can also specify which type of location you need, and how long the office should be from your location. Click ‘Search’.
  • In the search result panel, you will see the list of USPS postal locations, their distance, and hours of operation.

Use these tools whenever you plan to visit some store: this way, you will know the schedule beforehand.

Types of USPS locations and hours


As a USPS user, you should also know that there is a connection between USPS locations and hours during which they’re open.

So, when USPS offices are open? As a rule, the official stores are opened from 8-9 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Friday. However, some locations are running 24/7, especially USPS sorting and shipment centers (Processing and Distribution facility).

Let’s check out the types of USPS locations according to the type of services provided:

  • Official post offices and authorized postal providers;
  • Self-service kiosks;
  • Pickup locations;
  • Collection boxes;
  • Business services;
  • Philatelic services;
  • Greeting card services;
  • Passport centers & documents.

Thus, you should specify the type of store according to the services you’re expecting to get. Please, note that some services can also be obtained online. For instance, you can get customer support, track parcels, and manage documents using the USPS website.

USPS branch locations (partners’ offices) provide pretty much the same range of services as the official USPS stores do. There, you can send or receive parcels, buy some USPS production and get help with parcel tracking, invoices, and so on.

Where to find USPS pickup locations?


Whenever you’re expecting a parcel, you can either arrange carrier shipping to your door or pick it up in a USPS office. How to find out the closest USPS pickup locations? It’s done the same way as mentioned:

  • Open the official USPS website;
  • Proceed to ‘Quick Tools’ → ‘Find Locations’ section;
  • Enter the search criteria, including the ZIP code, or your state/town. In the type of location, choose ‘Pickup Services’.
  • You will see the list of pickup locations in the results. Most often, USPS parcels can be picked up in any authorized USPS offices and partners’ USPS shipping locations.

Please, note that some services should be appointed beforehand. For instance, you can appoint a parcel pickup or arrive to receive your parcel at a certain time. Appointment can be done online via this webpage.

Using official and partners’ USPS facility locations, customers can not only manage their shipments and parcels, but also enjoy a wide range of different services, including document and passport issuance, delayed pickup, shopping postal supplies and printing greeting cards, and so on. The leading postal service provider always extends the range of options and features available.

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