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usps mailbox

usps mailbox regulations

If you want to have the opportunity to send and receive parcels quickly and without visiting the USPS office, opt for USPS mailbox service. This is a superb option for any customer. How to benefit from a pre-approved mailbox? This article is here to reveal this secret.

USPS mailbox regulations

usps mailbox height

usps mailbox requirements

What is a mailbox from USPS? To put it simply, this is any residential or commercial mailbox that was pre-approved by USPS for installation. The postal company can leave letters and small parcels in USPS mailbox, and customers can leave their shipments for a carrier to take them right from the box - no need to visit USPS store. The new generation mailboxes are big enough to place a few parcels and boxes there.

You can become a lucky owner of such box, but before you install it, you should get acquainted with some of USPS mailbox regulations.

  • All mailboxes should comply with dimensional requirements;
  • Curbside boxes are placed on the right-hand side of the road, and the cover should be on the outward side;
  • The numbers of the house should be at least 1 inch tall and be placed on the flag side;
  • A mailbox should be installed 6-8 inches from the curb;
  • There are practically no official USPS residential mailbox regulations for wall mount mailboxes: before installation, a customer should consult with the local postmaster.

Don’t have your own residential mailbox? Use USPS’ official mailboxes: there are over 200,000 locations over the USA.

About USPS approved locking mailbox

If you want to keep your letters and parcels safe and secure, consider installing a USPS approved locking mailbox – it’s the most efficient way to prevent theft. There are also a few regulations concerning this type of mailboxes:

  • slot dimensions are 1.75 in high and 10 in wide: it should be large enough to hold the daily volume of mail;
  • the protective flaps should be oriented inward for a carrier to put mail easier;
  • locks are not intended to be used on traditional mailbox designs;
  • the key from your mailbox will not be accepted by a USPS carrier.

If you comply with all these USPS mailbox requirements, feel free to install a box. That will simplify the process of sending and receiving parcels. Besides, the mailboxes from USPS are way larger and accommodate more mail items than usual. USPS mailboxes are a smart solution for customers who need postal services on a constant basis.

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