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Created for individuals and small home-based businesses, this service allows you managing your deliveries in the best and most convenient way possible. Find out more about UPS my choice service and enjoy a membership that will help you get rid of all the worries concerning missed parcel deliveries.

If you receive your packages with the parcel service occasionally and are tired of trying to keep track of all your deliveries separately, join this service online at company’s website, download UPS my choice app or use your mobile phone, and experience the top-notch delivery-managing which is but a click away.

What is UPS my choice?

what is ups my choice

ups my choice membership

That’s a kind of service provided by the company to help you manage all your deliveries at once. You can use it to track several different parcels in a calendar view at the same time, use a planner for your packages or receive alerts about important events during the delivery process.

What is UPS my choice for beside all that? You can receive accurate info on the estimated delivery date, request your parcel to be held at local facility for pickup or left with your neighbor. You can provide detailed instructions for a driver about where exactly you want your parcel to be left at. If you’re ready to try premium offers provided by UPS my choice activate it and you can change the delivery address and schedule your delivery for the convenient date and time.

Is UPS my choice free?

There are two levels of membership for this particular service. If you don’t want to spend any money on the service you’re not yet familiar with, you can always start your experience with a basic free membership, though it comes with a limited amount of features.

That is UPS my choice free membership does not allow you changing delivery address or scheduling your delivery as you choose. Other than that, you can use all the features provided by this service online or by mobile. If those options are important for you, and you also want to be able to use two free delivery windows annually, you can upgrade to UPS my choice premium. Premium membership is perfect for those of you, who frequently receive shipments but usually cannot be home at time of delivery.

What is UPS my choice sign up procedure?

If you want to become a member, the procedure is quite simple and only requires you to be able to access company’s official website. To get started visit official website

With UPS my choice sign up can be done using different ways:

  • Register directly on the website by filling in your contact info into the required fields;
  • Use your Google, Amazon, Facebook or Twitter account to sign up faster.

After that you’ll be redirected to your personal account and will be able to start using the services. In case you want to use any of the paid services or want to update your UPS My Choice membership to a premium one, you’ll be asked to link your bank card to your account in order to make the necessary payments.

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