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If you cannot consider yourself a regular customer of this carrier company and do not frequent any of the local offices for any kind of services, then chances are, when you finally want to visit company’s facility, you’ll need to know UPS hours to plan your visit according to their working schedule. Unfortunately though, there is no standard timetable for all company’s offices and branches, it depends on the location, the type of facility and services it provides. So you’ll have to find out the info regarding particular location you want to visit rather than some UPS office hours in general. Despite that, it’s safe to say that most of them share some common tendencies, like for example Sunday is usually a day-off for most services.

How to find out UPS hours of operation?

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That’s yet another door that is always open for you thanks to the internet. All the info is available at carrier’s official website at any time and can be accessed without any effort. In order to find out UPS hours of operation visit carrier’s website select your region and choose locations finder among the options offered you in the quick start section. When the locator opens, you can enter the address of the office you’re interested in and find out the services it provides and hours of operation. If you enter only the name of your city, you can see all UPS locations and hours in your area and choose the one most convenient for you. More info can be accessed by clicking on the icon that marks a certain location on the map.

What are UPS delivery hours?

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In case you’re not looking for a company’s office, but rather want to find out what time your parcel will be delivered at, the locator will not be of much help to you. What are UPS delivery hours usually? It actually depends on the type of your delivery. For regular ground parcels, they are usually delivered between 9:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. which is a standard schedule you can rely on. If your parcel was send as express or priority, you’ll be able to choose the specific time it should be delivered, and the time can not always be within the regular UPS delivery hours. Mostly, only time-definite air mail is delivered around the clock, but its price always matches is urgency.

Are there any UPS after hours services?

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When it comes to printing services or parcel delivery, the answer would usually be negative. But when it comes to sending small packages, one can actually do it around the clock, as there is one type of service provided by UPS after hours. In case your parcel is pre-paid and the sizes are not larger than 16”x13”x3” there is no need to visit a regular office, you can go to one of the self-service boxes to post the item. It is actually available any day of the week at any time you choose. The only problem is that it is not the best option when one needs to mail an urgent parcel. Even though UPS drop off hours are not limited in terms that you can drop your parcel whenever, it will still be collected at a certain time. You can find the latest time of collection for drop-off parcels using office locator at company’s website.

What can affect UPS working hours?

Even the most stable and reliable services can sometimes be modified because of certain reasons. UPS working hours as well can be changed significantly at times. Mostly it happens because of certain federal holidays. Not all of them would have a significant impact on the regular schedule, some services even keep up the regular pace 365 days a year to fit the needs of extremely time-sensitive deliveries, but sometimes you might find your local office operating with modified hours or closed altogether because of a public holiday. So it is always wise to check UPS hours today before planning your visit just to make sure you’ll be able to receive all the assistance and services you require. Sometimes hours can also be affected by weather conditions and other emergencies, which you can also check at the website.

In case you are still not sure about UPS hours for your local office, call customer support to ask for more specific info on this matter.

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