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Now let’s talk about something carrier companies would not be able to operate. In case of this particular carrier those are UPS Locations. Some of those you might have already visited, some are closed for general public with only stuff being allowed inside, you might know about some of them from your tracking results because your parcel was processed there. No wonder most of you might have heard about some locations: the company has a vastly reaching network with over 5000 stores and over 500 UPS warehouse locations around the world, which allows customers to get a fast and effective domestic or international delivery of almost any kind of goods.

What are UPS hub locations?

ups ground locations

ups warehouse locations

The first kind of locations and also the one you can find out about mostly while tracking your item. Sometimes your delivery status states that your parcel is processed at the sorting center. This basically means that your item is at one of many UPS hub locations, where the package is being registered, and awaits vehicle that will transport it to the next hub along the way to destination address.

At times we get questions like “how do I contact hub location?” and as a rule, those questions arise when the item is stuck at sorting for too long. Unfortunately, though, even if you manage to find your local UPS location where sorting is performed, you won’t be able to get inside or even talk to facility’s management. All the communication with those locations happens via company’s customer support.

What are UPS office locations?

If you are looking for any kind of info or assistance concerning company’s products and services, and cannot acquire those on the phone, UPS office locations are just the right kind of place to go to. There are various types of office locations depending on the service or products you require. In case your business there is not to dispatch or pickup your parcel, you’ll most probably need to visit a store, a customer center or an authorized service provider’s office.

In case you have any sort of business with UPS find location online web form and choose the type of facility you need, or simply contact customer support to ask for the address of the nearest location that can provide the service you require.

How to find closest UPS location?

If you don’t have enough time to call customer support center and want to find your local company’s office yourself, it can easily be done online at carrier’s official website. In order to find your closest UPS location, visit and choose ‘locations’ from the quick start menu. In order to use the locator, enter your address or the name of the city and use tools to narrow your search. If your device is using geo-location services, you can share your location with the website to use the locator without entering the address. One can also search for UPS locations by zip code using the tool which will show the closest locations in your area.

As the company’s network covers different countries around the globe, you can find their offices not only in the US, but in your country as well, though the types of offices may vary. You can use company’s website for your country by choosing your region in settings in order to search for local UPS Locations.

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