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ups pickup

ups package pickup

This term can actually refer to two services. The first type of service called UPS Pickup is when your parcel is collected from your address by company’s driver. It is available for individuals and businesses, sending small packages or freight. You can order pickup online by filling in a form at UPS official website or by calling on 1-800-742-5877 to request pickup, that will be scheduled for the same day, or in some cases for the nearest available date. UPS package pickup is available for ground, air, and international packages. It is available for both business and residential areas and allows you to choose the convenient point and time for your pickup.

Can you pick up packages from UPS?

ups ground pickup

can i pick up a package from ups

Now this is another type of pickup service provided by the company. If you don’t have time to wait for your delivery at home or office, and don’t want it to be left unattended, you might be wondering can you pick up packages from UPS. The company does provide the possibility to request your parcel to be delivered to a safe location, where it will be stored until you can come and collect it. You can order delivery to such location while sending you parcel, on the phone during the delivery process, or if you were not available at the time of the first delivery attempt, it can be directed for UPS store pickup automatically. You can find out more about safe locations in your area and request the company to use the one most convenient for you.

How to pick up package from UPS?

The procedure is quite simple and literally requires a couple of things:

  • Prepare your parcel number, if you received a message from the company advising you to have any other documents on you, be sure to bring them as well;
  • Go to the safe location your parcel was left at during its business hours.

How to pick up package from UPS if you don’t know where your safe location is? That’s quite simple, you can always find them in your area by using the locator at UPS official website. You can search for a location by its name, address or simply find all of them in your area. Search tools are there to help you narrow the search by the type of location you choose. UPS pick up can be available at several types of locations.

What are UPS pickup hours?

When it comes to the company’s employees collecting your parcel, they usually do it on business days from 9 AM till 5 PM for most types of parcels. The hours can be influenced by public holidays, but for the most part of year they remain unchanged. If we are talking about you picking up your parcel from company’s location, UPS pickup hours can vary. As the company provides you with possibility to collect your parcel at convenient time, some of the safe locations are working late hours or weekends. You can find out business hours for certain location when using the locator at carrier’s official website.

Speaking about prices, your parcel being delivered to a safe location for pickup is usually free of any additional charges, while you usually have to pay for UPS pickup, so sending several parcels at once might save you some money as they will not be charged separately.

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