UPS schedule a pickup

ups schedule a pickup

ups ground schedule pickup

If you want to post a parcel or two and don’t like to drop it for collection unattended - with UPS schedule a pickup for your order and hand the item over to a courier to stay assured that it will be safe and that the company already has your parcel ready for further stages of the delivery process.

What if you don’t have a parcel to pick up but rather something more bulky or hefty or consisting of several separate packages? You don’t have to worry about posting your UPS freight schedule pickup as easily and fast as any regular-sized deliveries.

The procedure as well will be almost the same, though you might have to wait some extra time for your pickup as it will require more free space in the truck. It remains the most convenient way to post a parcel for those of us who can be at the agreed address at a certain time.

How to schedule a UPS pickup?

ups freight schedule pickup

how do i schedule a ups pickup

Now that you know how convenient this pickup feature is, the only question left is: how to schedule a UPS pickup?

To do that you have to first register and prepay your delivery to get a shipping label for your shipment. If you’ve got that done, you can use carrier’s official website to contact the courier service ad request your pickup at UPS website.

To schedule a UPS pickup online you’ll have to fill in the form, providing your contact information as well as some additional information concerning your future delivery. You can schedule a pickup for several packages at once by providing the numbers and info on all your parcels that currently need collection.

UPS schedule a pickup phone number

If you attempted to schedule your appointment with the courier online and something went wrong, you might need UPS schedule a pickup phone number to clear things up and complete your order.

In such a case, much like in case you have any sort of troubles with the company’s services, it is best to call customer support. Their contact number is 1-800-742-5877 and the representative can help you get your parcel picked up for further delivery in no time.

So if you are currently planning to send something with UPS schedule a pickup to make the best of the company’s delivery services.

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