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One of the largest postal service providers, UPS boasts thousands of offices located around the world. Google for “UPS store near me?” Let this article guide you through the process of searching and explain the advantages of visiting UPS stores.

ups store near me

the ups store near me

Which services can I get in the nearest UPS store?

In fact, the list of services provided by UPS carrier is not limited to local and international shipping only. The company does its best to provide customers with a comprehensive set of tools and services related to delivery and documents. In the nearest UPS store, for example, you can use the following:

  • Order printed production. UPS can print anything starting from banners & posters, finishing by envelopes, brochures, bookmarks, car magnets, forms, invitations, catalogs, flyers, door hangers, etc. Besides, UPS offers hundreds of customized business card templates that you can design.
  • In the nearest UPS store, you can have your parcel packed in the smartest and safest way possible. The personnel is trained in advanced packing techniques, so don’t worry about the protection of your items – they will be delivered whole and undamaged.
  • Notary services for the correct handling of personal and corporate documents.
  • Passport & ID photos.
  • Faxing and shredding.

Need postal cards or office and mailing supplies? Search for UPS store near me and buy it all there! In each store, you can purchase essentials and gifts. Thus, one office can cover a lot of your needs – you don’t have to buy mailing supplies in different places.

ups store locations near me

ups store near my location

How to find the UPS store near me?

Now when you know what kind of services you can enjoy, you want to find out “Where is the UPS store near me located?” If you live in a more or less large US town or city, you must have seen one around the corner. However, if you have no idea where it’s located, you are free to use the special tools.

Here’s a step-by-step instruction:

  • Visit the – official website.
  • Look at the upper menu – on the right, you’ll find Quick Start section.
  • Click the ‘Find a Store’ icon. You can also select “Find a UPS store near me’ option in the footer of the page.
  • You’ll proceed to the page with a map. There, you should specify your location. You can either let Google trace your current location, or submit the address by typing it manually or use the ZIP code.
  • Click enter, and the website will define the nearest official UPS stores.
where is the nearest ups store

the nearest ups store

Are there UPS store locations near me outside the USA?

Rush to google “UPS store locations near me” while you don’t live in the USA? There might be nothing found during your search through the map. In fact, UPS does have representative stores in other countries, but those are owned by other postal companies.

What to do?

  • You can either contact the UPS customer service and ask them where the nearest UPS representative store is located;
  • Or search for a UPS store via your local online map.

With the second option, you will also answer the question ‘UPS store near me now is open?

In fact, UPS has stores around the world, and it’s very likely that you can send or receive a parcel via this carrier using this postal service. However, all other functions like selling of printed production, document handling, and extra services won’t be available.

Can I handle shipments in the UPS store near my location?

find a ups store near me

nearest ups store near me

Absolutely yes! If you need to send or receive a parcel, find the UPS store near my location, and don’t hesitate to visit it. Their friendly team will help you to:

  • Calculate the shipment time and cost;
  • Pack your parcels in the safest way possible;
  • Track the shipments you send/anticipate;
  • Handle the shipping-related documents.

Such services will be especially helpful for those who use UPS services for the first time and need a bit of guidance. Whatever kind of shipping you order, you can always count on the assistance on UPS staff – they will answer your questions and organize the shipping process efficiently.

Kinds of UPS stores

How else to find where is the nearest UPS store? You can contact the UPS customer support via email or phone – it’s available on a regular basis. Tell the assistants your location, and they will do their best to find the nearest official store nearby.

However, if there’s no official UPS store, there might be the partners’ locations and representative offices. UPS allows opening stores under their franchise, which means other postal companies can offer its services and provide some shipping options. This practice is widespread in the USA mostly – it helps small businesses to execute shipping for their local community.

If you don’t have a UPS location nearby, track the list of the offices that will open soon. This information is also available on the official UPS website.

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