Fedex Office Print & Ship center

fedex office print & ship center

fedex office and print

Need to print reports, leaflets, documents, brochures, and so forth? Searching for a top-notch photograph center and canvas printing? Fedex office print & ship center is here to help you regardless of what sort of printed production you want to make and send. This service from Fedex has become highly popular among customers. How to use it and where to find the nearest office? This guide is here to explain that.

What is Fedex office print location?

fedex office print and ship

fedex office print & ship center near me

Customers who visit a Fedex office print documents, photographs and so on without visiting a special photograph salon or purchasing a printer. Fedex replaces all of it. It's a great alternative for both private and corporate clients!

All Fedex stores that have printing hardware are also called ‘Kinkos’. They have regular and color printers, PCs with photo editing programs, etc.

The rundown of those printing services in Fedex office print & ship center is a mile long. In this office, you can do the following:

  • Solutions for independent businesses: printing of publications, business cards, declarations, brochures, etc;
  • Corporate printing: printed production in any volumes;
  • Production of individual materials (photograph printing, canvas pictures, etc. ) is accessible via Fedex office print online.
  • Editing of photographs and printed production with the help of special software ;
  • DIY design: you can alter the ready patterns and layouts to create your own unique documents;
  • Fedex staff can create the custom design for you: visit the office and order help of a professional graphic designer.

Regardless of what sort of paper generation you have to make, Fedex office print and ship enables you to make anything beginning from flyers and business cards and finishing by photos and canvas prints. The amount of papers you can print is not limited – feel free to order as much as you need.

What else do customers do in print office and print?

Customers can edit printed production in Fedex office and print it out, but the list of services is not confined only to that. They can send the documents right away – Fedex accepts such parcels, and assistants will help you to pack and label the items properly. Thus, you can print and ship in one place without going anywhere else.

Whenever you need to print and send any document, google Fedex office print & ship center near me and enjoy convenient service and exceptional quality of the printed production.

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