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If you need to send a small or medium-sized parcel, but don’t have enough time to wait for collection or visit post offices, FedEx drop box solution are the thing you might want to consider. There are thousands of them across the country, so that one can always find a box nearby, be it in an airport, office building, grocery store or mall, conveniently located they are easily accessible so you don’t have to go out of your way to post a package. So if you want to send a parcel with FedEx drop your worries and post it via a drop box in your area, you won’t be disappointed by the result.

Is there FedEx express drop box?

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In case the item you are about to post is time-sensitive and requires the fastest delivery possible, you don’t have to worry about it being late because of the way you’ve posted it. With later pick up times and Saturday pickups, FedEx express drop box is perfectly suitable for one-, two- or three-day shipping; besides it provides an opportunity to drop your parcel at the box 24/7 whenever it is convenient for you. For your less time-sensitive deliveries you can choose the service which is more cost-effective and allows your parcel to travel to its destination in up to 5 days. FedEx ground drop box is exactly for those types of parcels. The only thing to actually consider while posting package is the size of it, it should be up to 20" x 12" x 6" to fit into the box.

How to find closest FedEx drop box?


In order to do that you should visit company’s official website and use your ZIP code to locate the closest FedEx drop box in your area. The results will be shown to you on a map, sorted by the distance from your current location. By clicking on a certain location name, you’ll receive information about the latest pickup times for every day of a week as well as the types of parcels that can be posted there (express, ground, etc.). This way you can find FedEx drop box that will suit your needs the best. The locator can also help you get directions to the chosen box from your current location.

How to use Federal Express drop box?


In order to post your parcel using drop box service you’ll have to proceed through 3 easy steps:

  • Create your shipping label online
  • Carefully pack your item using company’s or your own packaging, and don’t forget to adhere your shipping label
  • Find your local Federal Express drop box, and visit it to deposit your parcel.

From then on your item will be collected by company’s employee and processed as usual on its way to destination. Parcels and documents posted this way can be tracked at if you have a correct parcel number. Also, keep in mind that you cannot pay for your delivery at FedEx drop box, as they don’t accept no cash or credit cards, so be sure to choose another type of payment while creating shipping label online or filling out an airbill for your shipment.

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