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This piece of text below will be dedicated to the last stage of every delivery process for every parcel sent with this carrier - FedEx Delivery. This topic covers a number of questions, from “why is my parcel not delivered on the promised date?” to “how to get proof of delivery for my parcel?” To get your answers to the most part of those questions, you have to visit carrier’s official website or get in touch with company’s customer support. If you’re awaiting parcel from FedEx change delivery address, schedule delivery, find out the reason for delays in your delivery or simply manage it in any possible way at Fedex official website.

What is FedEx delivery exception?

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If your parcel is running late and you try to find out the current status of your delivery using, you might see the word ‘exception’ in your tracking results. So what exactly does FedEx delivery exception stay for? Mostly you can see this status for parcels that are stuck at customs for any of the possible reasons, or in case some important documentation is missing, that is required to complete your delivery.

At times problems may arise at the very last stage of the process, for example if your parcel arrived at delivery office before public holiday. Even when your parcel is already on FedEx vehicle for delivery, exception might still happen because of incorrect address or if recipient was not available at time of delivery, or if the driver couldn’t get access to your building.

What are FedEx delivery days?

In order to manage your deliveries and fit them in your schedule, it’s best to know when you can expect a visit from company’s courier. For most kinds of services FedEx delivery days are from Monday till Friday. If you want your parcel to be delivered on weekends you should choose Saturday delivery service when dispatching your item, though it might slightly affect the total cost of your delivery.

For all types of deliveries, except for certain priority services designed for extremely time-sensitive parcels, FedEx Sunday delivery is not an option. Although in recent years during the busiest postal season which happens around Christmas, company does work 7 days a week to ensure all the parcels are delivered on time or with the shortest possible delay.

How to find out FedEx estimated delivery time?

When tracking your parcel at carrier’s official website you can usually find you FedEx estimated delivery time right next to the estimated delivery date. But it only gives a very vague information so there is no way to tell for sure when the driver is going to show at your front door. If you want to get more accurate info or reschedule delivery for more convenient date, you can call company’s customer support in your country or region.

If you want to track your FedEx delivery to see if everything is moving along without a hitch, visit to find out the current status for your parcel fast and effortlessly. We cannot manage you delivery for you, but can provide the most recent info about where your parcel is.

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