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To start with, we really hope that there is no need to play Captain Obvious and explain to all of you what a FedEx office is. Cause it most certainly is what the name says, the office of one of the most popular worldwide carrier companies. So why do we even have to write this piece of text here, you ask? Well, mostly because there are still people who have no knowledge about these kinds of stores and wonder what kind of services their local Federal Express office provides. This is sort of understandable, as not only do they help you with packaging and shipping your parcels, but they also provide printing services. And if you think about it, that’s probably not the thing a postal company is expected to do.

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So what exactly do they do at those offices? First of all, of course, you can expect your parcel to be correctly packaged. FedEx office services include packaging of all kinds of items including fragile and valuable goods so that they are in no way damaged during domestic or international air or ground delivery. Also, you can send a package from the office or order your parcel to be delivered there for pickup in case you don’t want home delivery for any reasons. Even so, it is not called FedEx Post Office because not only does it deal with your mail, you can also print various types of documents there: from business cards to banners and presentations. Documents of any urgency and complexity are easily handled by company’s staff.

Are FedEx Office prices high?

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Of course, this question is one of the most important when choosing a service provider in any sphere. As for FedEx Office prices there’s no need for us to lie. Most of you already know, that company’s delivery services, though undoubtedly efficient and satisfactory, might be a bit pricey, especially if we are talking about international or time-sensitive parcels. But speaking about printing, the marker is actually full of offers, so they try to keep prices competitive. Besides, things like FedEx office coupon or special offers you can always find online at carrier’s website can help you save up some on their services. Just visit your local office to find out about the offers they might give you and decide for yourself if it is right for you.

Where is the closest FedEx office?

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In case you’ve decided to visit an office to either find out more about their services, or actually use them, you might be wondering, where is the closest FedEx office? Even if you know for sure that you’ve seen one in your neighborhood, or near your office, it’s surely more convenient to find the closest one to you, more so if you have a hefty parcel to dispatch and don’t want to take a single extra step to drop it off for delivery. It is in situations like this that carriers official website might come in handy. You can easily search for a local FedEx office using a special tool which allows you to search for different types of facilities at chosen areas.

What are the opening hours for FedEx office near me?

The most common and short answer would be that most affiliates work regular hours. Though, it might be wise to check the working schedule for local office in advance, if you are planning a visit. If you go to company’s official website and search for the “FedEx office near me” you can also find the business hours for it. You can also search for an official holiday schedule to make sure federal off-days do not affect your business with the carrier company.

And of course at times something urgent comes up and makes it impossible for you to wait until regular opening hours to make necessary visit to the office. In such cases, personally I choose to search for a 24 hour FedEx office near me which can take about an hour drive to get to, but is still quite useful for some super-time-sensitive dispatches or in case I have to print a ridiculous amount of presentations or flyers for some event unexpectedly happening the next morning. At times those facilities are real life savers.

All in all, by conveniently combining packaging, shipping and printing under the same roof, FedEx Office is the one shop to go if you need a high-end and timely service.

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