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fedex locations

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Need to get or send a package in one of Fedex locations? Fortunately, Fedex is one of the greatest postal organizations in the US that runs an enormous number of offices everywhere throughout the country. Regardless of in which state or city you live, you are probably going to have a Fedex office somewhere close-by. Aside from having thousands of proprietary stores, Fedex also partners with shops (Walgreens and Walmart) and organizations alike to extend its coverage.

Types of Fedex ground locations

fedex freight locations

fedex printing locations

There are different types of Fedex ground locations available for customers to address their issues and provide different services, so you will effectively locate an appropriate store close-by.

Here are the basic kinds of stores:

  • Fedex Office . Generally, there are more than 2,000 stores of this type around the country. A significant number of them open later than other carriers’ offices, offering bundling, local and global transportation. Need to pick a package? Find Fedex location nearby and visit one of their workplaces: you are sure to have an office for pickup at your territory. In Fedex offices, you can also order printing services to make invitations, visiting cards, and so on.
  • Office Depot and OfficeMax are the stores with the most fully-fledged functionality that are presented by 1,500 stores where you can arrange local and global delivery via FedEx Express and FedEx Ground. On the off chance that you googled closest Fedex locations and didn't locate a standard store, you can visit an Office Depot to drop the bundles at the counter, ask help with bundling or buy the bundling materials.
  • FedEx Authorized ShipCenter is a separate kind of store for packaging and shipping bundles for local and worldwide conveyance. These stores also can hold packages for FedEx Ground and FedEx Express services.

How to find Fedex near my location?

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Instead of googling ‘Fedex near my location’, you can get all relevant information on the official Fedex website. Here’s what you should do:

  • Open the authority Fedex site
  • Look at the 'Find FedEx Locations area' section – it's on the highest corner of the page.
  • Enter your city or ZIP code, or the definite location and press Enter.
  • You will see the map of your neighborhood with the closest Fedex stores displayed.

Note that in remote zones, even Fedex express locations are an uncommon event. However, Fedex might be represented by another postal company, so if you have a postal office of another carrier, ask them if they partner with Fedex. You can likewise look for such grocery stores as Walmart and Walgreens – they are authorized to handle Fedex drop box points.

Where to find Fedex freight locations?

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fedex hub locations

Fedex Freight locations are used to dispatch both small and large packages, and if you need to send a bulky box, you should search for such type of office. You can send a parcel from FedEx Authorized ShipCenter or usual Fedex Office. You can also receive a large package in any FedEx Ship Center.

Please, note that that each of Fedex workplaces might have its own timetable. As a rule, Fedex adheres to certain business hours from 8 AM to 6 PM, however, it can change the timetable from office to office. Call the closest Fedex location and ask about their business hours, when in doubt. As we have referenced, drop boxes are constantly accessible for clients.

Please, note that Fedex warehouses do not provide any services: they only serve to store packages and do not work with customers directly.

Services provided in Fedex printing locations

fedex warehouse locations

fedex delivery locations

Also, note that Fedex printing locations might not offer the whole set of standard services: they are mostly used to work with printed production:

  • Marketing materials (ads, flyers, brochures);
  • Presentations and manuals;
  • Posters, banners, and signs;
  • Customized production.

Thus, Fedex printing stores are great for those who need affordable printing services without delays. Note that such locations can also be placed within grocery stores, not only in the official Fedex offices.

Other types of Fedex locations

There are two more types of locations worth mentioning: Office Depot® and OfficeMax®. They are presented by 1,500 offices and handle both local and international shipping orders (Express and Ground). There, you can drop off labeled packages, buy packaging supplies or ask assistants to help you with the packaging process.

All in all, numerous Fedex offices are running to help customers at all stages of the shipping process starting from packaging and finishing by tracking and receiving items. You can easily find the closest office online – there’s no need to stroll through your neighborhood. Besides, Fedex services are also provided by their partners in remote areas.

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