FedEx shipping rates

fedex shipping rates

fedex shipping rates calculator

Going to send a parcel via Fedex postal service? You might be interested in calculating the cost of shipment beforehand. Check out Fedex shipping rates: this guide will explain to you how much Fedex delivery cost, and how you can figure out the expenses online.

Fedex shipping rates calculator

Fedex company has an open and transparent pricing policy, so you can be sure that the rates you calculate online will be close to the sum they name in the office. The simplest way to discover the cost of shipping is to use Fedex shipping rates calculator. Before you use it, you should define a few details. For example, shipment weight. Use this tool to figure out the dimensional weight of a parcel.

Please, note that the cost of shipment is calculated according to the following criteria:

  • Size of your parcel;
  • How much the parcel weight;
  • Delivery speed (express services are usually more expensive);
  • Type of service chosen. Note that Fedex freight rates differ: large items are delivered in a different way, so be prepared for extra charges;
  • Distance between sender and receiver;
  • Extra features (delivery by courier, handling of dangerous or fragile items, etc).

Fedex ground rates

fedex ground rates

usps mailing rates

Aside from the online calculator, you can estimate the cost of shipping in a different way. With the help of Fedex ground rates page, Fedex customers can figure out the average cost of delivery. Also, you can use the online form which will help you to evaluate the transit time and shipping cost.

So, how expensive is the shipping via Fedex? At this Fedex website page you can see the average cost of delivery services for the previous years. While domestic services can start from $3.25, international shipping can cost $100 and higher – Fedex ground shipping rates depends on the weight of parcel, service demanded, and country of destination.

When it comes to freight shipping, the price lowers as you ship more weight. For example, delivering up to 499 lb up to 150 miles long will cost you $1,27 per pound, while larger shipping weight costs $0.98 per pound.

If you want to know Fedex shipping rates, you don’t have to visit their office beforehand: on Fedex website, you can check out their pricing policy and get detailed information about the cost of delivery. Postal services from Fedex are highly recommended for users who need to send large parcels and multiple packages. The more you ship, the less you pay.

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