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fedex hours

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Planning to send or get a package, or get some postal services? Before you are hurrying to the closest postal office, you should find out what are Fedex hours. Despite sticking to the general schedule, Fedex company might assign specific business hours in each location separately. In this article, you will discover how to find out working hours in each Fedex office.

What are Fedex opening hours?

fedex working hours

fedex shipping hours

First and foremost, you should find out what are Fedex opening hours, and when each office closes. There is no need to visit the location or using searching engines for it – you can get the information on Fedex official website . Here are few steps to complete:

  • Open the Fedex official website, proceed to ‘Resources & Tools’ section.
  • Find ‘FedEx Ship Centre Locations and Hours’ section.
  • There, you will see different regions and the corresponding location addresses – Fedex location hours are specified for each office separately.
  • Click ‘See Location Details & Hours’ and you will see the schedule.
  • Note that the operation hours, Express dropoff and Ground dropoff hours can be different.

Fedex customer service hours

If you need help with packaging, shipping, receiving orders or tracking, you can always get comprehensive assistance in Fedex offices. Wonder what Fedex customer service hours are? Don’t hesitate to visit the nearest location any time it’s open. You can get professional help in Fedex stores anytime during working hours!

However, if you need help while offices are closed, you can call Fedex customer support service at 1-800-463-3339 around the clock. Alternatively, write an Email or use the Virtual assistant on Fedex website.

Need to call to an exact office? You can do it only during Fedex business hours while the location is opened. The phone of each office is also specified in ‘See Location Details & Hours’ section. You can also find a phone number online via maps and special services.

Fedex hours Saturday schedule

Like in many other postal companies, Fedex locations are opened 6 days a week. From Monday to Friday, they’re opened around 8 AM to 6 PM . But what about Fedex hours Saturday schedule? It differs from one office to another. While some locations might be opened from 9 AM to 3 PM, the rest stay closed throughout Saturday. Therefore, you should always specify the hours before planning your visit.

Remember that on Sunday, all Fedex stores are closed, but if you need assistance, you can call customer support.

What about Fedex shipping hours? Although the process of transportation goes on 24/7 basis, your parcels will be delivered at your home or the nearest pickup office only during the business hours. The order status should be changed by Fedex workers, which can be done only while Fedex offices are open.

Fedex pickup hours also correspond with the business schedule. You can visit a Fedex store while it’s open and receive your parcels. If you don’t have time to visit a Fedex office, order courier delivery to your home. Also, don’t forget that if you cannot visit a store to get your parcel, you can ask Fedex to hold the package for some time (up to 2 months).

Before getting any postal services, it’s important to find out Fedex hours for the exact location you’re going to visit. This can be easily done on the Fedex official website – you can find the nearest store manually, or type your ZIP/address in the search panel. If you haven’t found the store location details, don’t hesitate to call Fedex customer support at 1-800-463-3339.

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